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  • Bruce S. Phung - Very good NIS 2012I have NIS 2011 and I received an email notification is that I am being charged $75.59 for NIS 2012 auto renewal. I was freak out because I did not want to pay that much for this program and of course I quickly turned off auto renewal. Lession learnt, do not do auto renewal because Norton will slamed you with full price where you can find a better deal like 50% discount on Amazon or even on their (Norton Website. Norton support is very impressive to say the least because I was able to talk to a live persion withing 10 minutes of waiting on the phone. I told him I would like to cancel my subscription. He asks me why. I told him it is to expensive and I can get it for 1/2 price. So he offered me two choice, 1) is to extend the licsense for two years or 2) refund 1/2 price. I accept the two years licsense and he updated my subscription to 776 day total.

    I have to say NIS 2012 is well improved and I really like the new interface. I did a full scan where NIS 2012 found 54 items on my computer where the NIS 2011 did not catch it. Over all I am very pleased with NIS 2012. Higly recommand.
  • Christopher J Ayala - Works great but....This works great on adults but is a little painful for children. This definitely beats spending all the time at the doctors office though. Great quick-fix in the privacy of your own home solution.
  • K. Schulz - Carbonated Tea Plus!My mom & I like carbonated waters, unsweetened with just a touch of flavor. However, Faygo or La Croix waters add up and it mostly seems really silly to buy fizzy water. We both use our Sodastreams to carbonate the water & usually add a splash of lemon/lime, flavored extracts (I like orange or coconut the best--just a splash!) or even a bag of herbal tea & let the tea cold brew for several hours to overnight. Lemon zinger is the best by far if you like iced tea. The fizz just gives it a kick for something a little "different." The initial investment for the machine plus bottles is a bit pricey but even with replacing the carbonator we still figure we're saving a lot of money. A carbonator lasts me on average 6 weeks. With trade a tank a new one runs me $15. It's a great product. I love it. The soda flavors are "ok." But I seldom drink them as I try to stay away from the fake sweeteners anyway.
  • breeze - Grows with babyI got this toy when my son was 4 months and just barely sitting up. At the time he loved to kick so he would lay and kick the piano. As my son got better at sitting up he became less interested in laying down and just playing with the toy in general. At first I thought I wasted my money by buying this toy too late in my son's development, I was wrong. My son is now 6 months (sitting and moving around) and looking for more independence, he loves to sit on his own and bang on the keys.