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  • J. White - Excellent CAD ProgramAutoCAD is about the best it gets and this program is no exception. Its only disadvantage is it does not work in 3D like the full AutoCAD version. The program retains the familiar AutoCAD interface so the learning curve is not very steep from 2010 or 2009. AutoCAD has somewhat of a learning curve for newbies but after a few months becomes second nature. I installed the program on a Win 7 64 bit system and it seems to install and work fine.
  • Kit Sewell - Great Book!This is a great book for someone who is having back, neck or knee problems. I have the video by Esther which helps to understand the book better. However, I was having back, neck and knee problems which the doctors only know how to treat with pain meds. The meds didn't help correct the problems, but the Gokhale method did and it works. You can go to her web site for some very helpful information and if you want order the video. Plus, she offers some free work shops on her site. As for the group work shops, I took one when it came to Sacramento and it was worth every penny. Recommended for those who want to have and need a hands on experience with the techniques.
  • Speedy D - It works. Wife says Thanks, Dr. KatzSince I can't smell my own breath, my wife will tell me "Hey, we need to get some more Dr. Katz for you." This stuff is amazing and after using it for a day or two, my wife notices a huge difference.

    I think the problem for me is the back of my throat, so I gargle it for 10-15 seconds twice a day. Sometimes after gargling I have a weird taste in my mouth, but I chalk it up to the rinse killing all those silly germs. After using it for several days the weird taste diminishes and it starts to feel like you just left the dentist. This rinse doesn't burn and it has a slight minty taste. I'd use this over Listerine any day.

    Don't forget to brush your teeth and floss.