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  • Heather - Easy to travel withI bought this high chair in preparation for a vacation. It is easy to fold and pack, however you need to think about what you are packing with it if you plan to check it in a bag, it does add a few pounds. It was easily attached to many tables and my one year old seemed to enjoy sitting in it. As others commented, it is nice to have her right at the table.
  • Glenn Korman - Artie is back. Loved the book. Any fan will love it,Loved it. I was a big fan of Artie's on Howards radio show. He fills in all the questions about what happened after his exit. Loved it. Read it in one day. He is honest and funny about his drug problems. Any fan of Stern will LOVE it
  • Sasha - BEST nasal aspirator invented yet!I discovered this nasal aspirator from my doctor who uses it in his office for small babies. After watching how effective it was, I bought one! I am so glad I bought this, it has helped lessen the amount of possible nasal and bronchial infections my children could've gotten if I had not invested in this thing. They catch colds from school and each other and both of them are not very good at blowing their noses even though they try. All I do is spray a little saline into their noses and then vac. Don't be deterred by seeing their snots in the tube, it's a little gross at first but it's actually very helpful to see the color of their snots. It helps you determine if they are getting a sinus infection. It works so very well and easy to clean!
  • Edna H. Love - Quicken Simple Money ManagementI am certaily well pleased with this program. Wow! No more messed up balances...a one-two-three look at my accounts in all that is needed. It's difficult to make a mistake with the help of the Quicken program. I highly recommend it to everyone who might want to keep accurate records in a vey simple way.