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  • jplumb - Binderize!!This Avery binder is the perfect tool for BINDERIZING all your favorite marginalized about orphans? You could catagorize them by skin color, age, disposition and whether or not the mother took drugs during pregnancy. And poor people? They are MADE for BINDERIZING! One section for those who are super lazy, one for the middle class families caught in the greed fest on Wall Street (well, maybe two sections for them...), and a special section for those unlucky masses who have no health care, so they are out on the street with serious mental health issues! We should include a special section in our binder for returning, where to begin? Those with one limb missing, two? PTSD? Those who are unemployed? Divorced? Let's color code the VETS with a special divider in RED. And then there are the old people, the people who don't agree with us, the people who come from other contries to live THERE'S a BINDERIZING opportunity if I ever saw one! The legals, the illegals, the terrorists, the almost legals (children born in this country to illegal parents), the criminals, the maids, cooks, busboys! Thank you Mitt Romney and Avery, for putting women on the forefront of this exciting new trend!
  • M Mitchell "Marita" - The Love of my Life!My Kindle Fire is the love of my life. I honestly believe that it is the best tablet on the market. It can do everything I need for a fraction of the price. I have owned a Kindle for 3 years, but my Fire is relatively new.

    As far as reading goes, my favourite new feature is XRay, which allows me to look back over the book at a glance. I Also love now being able to see all the content in a book, including graphics and photos. Of course I can also listen to a book, with or without earphones. I even use a Hypnosis App to help me go to sleep.

    However, the Fire is about so much more: games, apps, magazines, YouTube, the Internet and everywhere that it leads to. It stays charged for many hours and is so easy to navigate. I can't imagine life without it.

    Living in South Africa, I am delighted with all the new access we have been given since July, but we still can't access Prime, Movies or borrowing books. But this is only a small disappointment, when everything else works so well.

    My most favourite thing to do on my Fire is using knitting patterns, which I can enlarge for my elderly eyes, and it stands beautifully on its very clever cover!
  • K. Morgan-Davie - The bible of poly-relatingIn an age where there seem to be nearly unlimited choices for relating, and truly unlimited guilt and shame attached to all things sexual, Dossie Easton succeeds in walking that fine line between being true to self and ones very real needs and desires, and being true to the basic precepts of honesty and ethical behavior that are the hallmarks of mature adult behavior - and which seem to be sorely lacking in most writings about "alternative" lifestyles and practices.

    Though many will decry polyamory as just another excuse for promiscuity, Dossie makes it clear that this is, in fact, truly about loving and being loved unconditionally, as is our birthright - if only we have the courage to try.

    Polyamory is not easy, it will never "fix" an existing flawed relationship (indeed it will almost certainly hasten its' demise!), and it works only between individuals who can be completely honest, even when honesty hurts. Given that, "The Ethical Slut" is a decent roadmap toward an expression of our true potential as lovers and partners. Definitely worth reading, and re-reading, if poly is a serious interest, or if you're just curious. It'll make you think, if nothing else.