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  • T. Gore "old_sckool" - One of my favorite "Floyd" AlbumsPink Floyd's "Animals" is not only one of my favorite Floyd albums, but one of the best progressive rock albums of all time. Even though I am sure that some fans might disagree with me, and maybe say "Dark Side of the Moon" or "any album with Sid Barret" I have to say that this "Animals" takes the cake. It seemed like Pink Floyd was taken a few steps backwards after releasing "Wish you were Here" which I think is over-rated, a good, solid album, but no way near the efforts of the albums before it. Then when "Animals" was released, they gave us one of the best journies into progressive rock, second probely only to Rush's "2112" I love every song on this album, and this album, even though released in 1977, was light years ahead of its time, which of course is no surpise since Floyd, Yes, and Rush were all taken Rock music to the next level. Its a shame that we dont have more modern bands thats give us a treat like Floyd did, even though I highly reccomend Dream Theater for those that are looking for great modern Progressive rock. ANIMALS is still standing the test of time, even in 2006, and I am sure it will for another 50 years..ENJOY
  • Alexis DeSalvo - Bought for 18mo y/o daughterThis is the perfect tablet for our toddler. We are able to download learning APPs for her and its SO easy to use. Love the front facing camera option. Works like a gem.