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  • Peter Hillman "(budding enthusiast)" - Author, Author!/12/15/12: "Fresh Air's" Top Fiction Book 2012An observation not yet noted: this captivating novel is extremely complex in its structure, devices, character developments. One thrill in reading it is that Jess Walter makes the complex look easy. One of the best fiction writers we have, Walter is always the maestro, in total control of his prodigious talents. His multi-dimensional characters often are adrift, but the reader always is in confident, caring hands. They're the hands of a masterful story-teller at the top of the art. It would not surprise to see "Beautiful Ruins" hot in the running for major awards. Bravo...and enjoy

    12/15/12: NPR "Fresh Air" critic Prof. Corrigan just tapped "Beautiful Ruins" as the single best piece of fiction for 2012..
  • Rachel Jordan - Why aren't more books on pregnancy written like this?I highly recommend this book. While there are some places where I might wish that Oster had delved into even more aspects of pregnancy, this is the first book on pregnancy I have found that seems to believe women are capable of making their own decisions when given facts. I am pregnant now and after going through every book out there I had started using the inter-library loan system to get my hands on medical textbooks in the hope that they would have a greater amount of actual data. This book helps alleviate that desire.
  • Frank D. Janzow "shepherd" - A web of art, science and mysteryI loved this book. While taking you on a journey into a crazed scientist's solution to humanity's greatest perceived threat, Dan Brown sneaks in a wealth of fascinating information about the treasured art of Italy, piece by piece, all along the exhilarating trip. Using Dante's classic INFERNO as the map, Langdon once again travels at high speed wherever, clue by clue, the path leads, all the way to its breathtaking end. The ride is definitely worth the fare!
  • cristiana ricci - I buy it every yearI like very much this book becouse really helps people,during their holiday, to find more then a place to sleep or to eat or to visit; it helps travellers to understand how people live in a part of the world, their traditions and customs and find the more interesting part, maybe the best,of a place. I buy it every year. Thank you very much to all the people who take part in making it!