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  • grandmasheryl - I went to the libraryI, as a grandmother to a perfect 10 yr.old boy with autism, have been keeping lists, notes, phone numbers, websites and the list goes on with the information that is in this book. You may only be looking for one or two certain things right now but trust me, you will end up needing to know more about something-else as time goes on.
    I am on Amazon.com right now to BUY this book.
    Loving it....
    Sheryl Mahoney, California
  • Nyrateb - Bun In The OvenThis pen is magnificent!!! Sparkly, delicate, and just right for that time of the month when my handwriting needs a little freshening up. Unfortunately, the BIC Cristal For Her has done it's job too well. The femininity and mystique it imparted to me upon using made my husband simply wild! After soundlessly giving birth at home last month to triplets without medication on my husbands big poker night, I was up and writing my grocery list the next morning and the big lug couldn't keep his hands to himself!! Doctor confirmed it today, twins due in nine months-WOW! Thank you BIC Cristal For Her, my life is now complete.