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  • hart1978 - LOVE this stroller!I purchased this stroller for my 9 month old daughter after I mistakenly left my Chicco stroller at Sea World in March of this year. I was very disheartened to lose the Chicco, as I had used it with my two older kids (5 and 3) and had always loved how it guided and it's nice quality. With a 9 month old, I wanted something that would accomodate her now, at a younger age...but also be convenient for when she is older and doesn't need the traditional "full" size. The Britax B-Agile Stroller was EXACTLY the answer. It pushes and guides with great ease....the quality of the fabric and wheels are wonderful....and the BEST PART is the storage. The B-Agile folds so compact (for a stroller this size) and is extremely easy to use. The suncover is also the child much more cover than a normal full size and any umbrella stroller. My daugter is very happy and comfy. The "only" thing I'm not "wild" about is the way it is a strap system and can be a bit hard to maneuver on occassion...but certainly not a big enough draw back that I would switch. Also, my 3 and 5 year old can both fit pretty comfortably in the stroller as well...they are not "big" for their ages, but both have taken little rides along the way with great comfort. The Britax B-Agile Stroller is great and WELL worth the money.
  • BioHazard - Ipad RocksI always used Android tablets for both work and personal, but just switched to the IPad mini . This was one of the best choice of my life. It was one of the most easiest tablets to learn by far and has everything I needed for both work and personal. I would recommend this to everyone for everything from personal, school and work.
  • S. Runyon - THIS REALLY WORKS!I had heard about this before it was on the Dr.Oz Show recently and I decided to try it. I love it! I have added this to my other supplements and this has really shown amazing results. I have tried another brank and it did not work as well for me so I am back to this brand. If your wanting to feel better and lose weight at the same time with no side effects, this is a must.
  • Amanda R. Hebb - Best makeup ever!I have been using bareMinerals for 3 years now and love it. The first thing I purchased was the kit with a few different foundations, brushes and the mineral veil. It lasts forever (meaning I've only had to buy it I think one other time) and I put on at least the foundation and mineral veil everyday. The brushes feel are of such a high quality and really do make my face look flawless. People tell me all the time how wonderful my skin is, but it's not really that nice. I just let them think that it is!
  • Phillip Bollinger - Great additionI bought this unit to augment my Samsung TV, always loved the picture, but not so much a fan of the internal speakers. The Bose Solo is simple, clean and fits perfect under the TV.

    Setup was a breeze, plugged in the power, used the included fiber cable for the audio connection and changed the setting to external on the TV.

    What took me longer was adding this device to my Harmony One remote, but thats a whole another story.

    The sound quality is great and I am very happy with the device, if I were asked about any improvements, I would like some way to note the volume level. I no longer get the volume bar on the screen, so would appreciate some sort of visual a number or an expanding bar (that could turn off after initial display).

    Bottom line though, I love the sound, great purchase.