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  • Rachel D. - Loved it so much, I got the whole class to read it.This was the first book that I have read and completely fell in love with. I read it first in 5th grade. I love it so much that I had to recommend it to a friend. First it was one friend, then two, three, and then eventually I got the whole class wanting to read it. The problem was that I only had one copy, and 30 people in my class. So I recommend to my librarian. She loved it so much that she bought 5 copies for the library. Now not only can my class can take turns reading it, but now the whole school can be exposed to it. (P.S. not a single person disliked it) ;-)
  • Mathew Knudson - A Book Good Enough to Make You AngryThis book is an incredibly well researched and well-presented history of the police in the US, the rise of SWAT teams, stop-and-frisk, and other practices, that will leave you both enlightened and enraged. This book, while discussing something political, manages to avoid partisanship, instead focusing purely on the growing misuse of force to solve every problem, from drugs to regulatory law. This is a must read for anyone who cares about justice or freedom, as the phenomenon he describes is a clear enemy of both.
  • Storylover - Easy to useFans of quicken will be right at home with the Will maker. As a dad of 3 kids, I finally decided that it was time to put a will together. It seems so scary, right? Well, its not. Will maker guides you right through it, from beginning to end. For us it was simple, but I get the impression that you could do complex things with this. Anyway, an inexpensive solution that will make things easier should the unexpected happen.