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Doctor Fernando Maluenda Gatica - Cirugía Digestiva - Cirugía Laparascópica - Cirugía de la obesidad en santiago chile - Doctor Fernando Maluenda Gatica - Cirugia Digestiva - Cirugia Laparascopica - Cirugia de la obesidad en santiago chile


Country: South America, CL, Chile

City: Santiago, Santiago Metropolitan

  • Renee - Works as advertised.I've had my Nutribullet for a few weeks now and this is what I think:

    -does a great job of breaking down pulp, seeds, nuts, etc. into something drinkable or powder
    -allows you to make manageable portions
    -easy clean up
    -not bulky/doesn't take up much space
    -allows you to consume the full fruit/veggie
    -blends anything/allows you to make milk and yogurt based drinks. Can also make soups and other liquids foods.
    -quick, easy, hand free blending
    -great book of recipes

    -drink is pulpy (so if you want something completely smooth, like juice or a pulp free smoothie, you won't get it from this)
    -if you're used to making large batches of beverage, you can't. The largest jug makes about 24-32ounces.
    -doesn't pulverize hard seeds. That means you could have tough seed bits in your drink from blackberries, guava, etc.
    -have to put in more work to prep the fruit/veggie compared to a juicer
    -juice is watered down (literally). Water or a liquid is necessary in every recipe so the flavor is not as potent as a juicer

    Overall, I love the Nutribullet. I have had a breville juicer for a year and a half (love that too) but so much prep went into using the juicer, only to throw away 3/4 of the fruit/veggie and all the fiber. This allows me to make more filling options than what I can make with the juicer. If you can accept the cons I listed above, especially considering the ease that goes into using it, then it'll be worth the purchase. I also got a warranty on mine because I heard many complain about other mini blenders burn out after a while, but so far it's been going strong.
  • M. C. Dowling "Dowling" - I was lied toI was told that the galaxy tab would not be as good as the ipad and not to expect much... I am sorry but the galaxy tablet acts better than the ipad has ever done for me. The Galaxy ALSO syncs with my computer where the ipad was always a problem. I dont know how to sale things like this BUT it is not a computer, for a web browser AND a comic reader, I cannot beat this device. VERY happy