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  • Big Kahuna - Very underrated indeedNot too often I agree with the average listener recommendation, but this time I gladly do: Animals is a splendid record, unfairly underrated. The thing is, how can you get a hit song out of an album where most songs are 10 minutes or longer, save for a witty acoustic ballad no station would put in the air? But Roger Waters -a smart songwriter indeed- is here at his peak, since the subject and the Animal Farm characters suit his style perfectly well. And the music is great too -solid, enjoyable PF stuff. Go buy it now. If you don't have the money, sell that Yes or Zeppelin collection -what good are they anyway?
  • - Thanksbegiven for this book.The science in this book is strong. Anyone who states to the contrary either is trying to pick a fight or knows very little about digestion, bacteria, and the like and enjoys stating their ignorance. I find it interesting that anything that goes against the mainstream is some how based on "weak" science, no matter what the result! Atkins has been going through a similar turmoil. Is it worth eating a nutritious diet, albeit strict, for a couple of months to see if it will cure your digestive problems for the rest of your life? In my opinion it is well worth it. However the choice is yours. It is true that the diet does not work for all, but it does work for many. For those of us that it does work for, we are extremely grateful for the science in this book and for having our lives back. Imagine never having to worry where the nearest bathroom is just in case you have an "accident". Compare this to a life of lingering symptoms, drugs with dangerous side effects, and a disease without the hope of a cure and the picture gets a lot clearer. So get the book, give up the pizza, grains, complex sugars, and give it a go. The worst thing that can happen is nothing.
  • Edward Springer - from the author of The Forgotten Man comes The Forgotten PresidentCalvin Coolidge is a president whose efforts and insights have been all but ignored following the onslaught of progressivism brought on by Roosevelt. His good sense and courage are something we should be seeking in future presidents. Amity Shales has given us a look not only at the man but at the political philosophy that helped create the Roaring Twenties. This book is a must read for anyone looking to better understand why great politicians do not necessarily make great leaders.
  • jelst - Tax ProfessionalI have seen many Tax Law and Tax Prep books in the few years that I have been doing Tax returns for a large franchise and I find this book to be the best informative tax text their is. I am a senior in college and have used this text for both of my tax courses. It is not a text that teaches you to do tax returns but it is extremely thorough regarding tax law. The first step is not to learn how to prepare tax returns but to understand tax law, this text was designed with this understanding. Compared to most tax texts, it is the most "comprehensive" and understandable translation of the tax code.
  • M. Williams "MBW" - Great GiftIf you aren't ready to sell your newborn child to buy an ipad, this is a great first step alternative. It gives you the feel of what a tablet is like and has awesome features. There is a benefit of having a prime membership and this Kindle. I have the original and other later versions as I love to read, I bought this for my sister and niece as they like the other features (web, videos, games, etc). I love how it encompasses everything into one tablet.