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  • seemar - MyMath LabIn the last semester I had bought My math lab code online instantly which costed me 20 dolllars more than I ordered the code. It came in 3-4 days,not at all bad. The first week of class is most of the time intro, the actual lesson starts in second week and so you can get it by then. The code was sealed and it worked fine.Thanks to Amazon.
  • Alexis DeSalvo - Bought for 18mo y/o daughterThis is the perfect tablet for our toddler. We are able to download learning APPs for her and its SO easy to use. Love the front facing camera option. Works like a gem.
  • Terri Merritts - Children's Writer's bibleDon't even think about trying to write for kids without this essential reference from Writer's Digest books. Every year I eagerly await the new version of this book and am never disappointed. There are articles about various types of children's writing and interviews with both new and famous authors, but the most important part of the book are the listings. You will find literary agents who specialize in children's books, publishers with contact info and what they are looking for, nationally known writing contests, and essential info on how to write a proposal and letter to a publishing company that will get results. This is perfect for both newbies and long time pros.
  • Nickie S - The Pioneer Woman Creates Another WinnerLove Ree Drummond. This is real food for real people. Of course with the weight watchers points you know you will consume with good home cooking, it is not something you will have everyday. The holiday recipes look fantastic and I know I will try many of them. I have made the restaurant salsa already and it is the best. I deal with family who don't like exotic ingredients or unique flavor combinations so this is perfect. The other great thing is that Ree uses ingredients that can be found in just about any grocery store. I also love all the stories and the photo to go with everything. Last but not least is that there are plenty of pictures for steps in a recipe so you can see what it should look like as you go. So this would make an excellent purchase for a novice in the kitchen too. Bottom line is that I adore this and Ree's other books as well!!!!!