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  • JWBatson - Binders in my basementI'm finding such solidarity here that I find myself in tears of relief this morning. I had no idea what to do with all those old three-rings in my basement, many of them Averys. I was perplexed because I am a woman, and therefore I can't think things through on my own to any great extent. I mean, I can cook dinner and clean the toilet, and that sort of appropriate thing. But really, I had no idea what to do with the many binders that had collected over the years. We had stopped using them! Silly us! My husband said we should have smart phones, so those became our new way to store information. Of course I took hubby's advice because he is a man and smarter than me, but now I feel as if I have something to offer to my family beyond the meals and cleaning. I can take us backwards to the days before smart phones and get us organized in BINDERS! And, I have "Governor" Romney to thank for that since he shared with the entire world about his binders of women. Please, girls, don't think binders are only limited to women! I have had quite a revelation. Well, for me, anyway! I am now putting cleaning products into a binder. Then there's the binder for coupons and the binder for household tasks. Gee, I can just flip through my binder and see that the ironing must be done pronto! Oh, and girls, don't skimp on your binder projects. Take it from me: It's worth every penny to invent in binder tab inserts so you can be even more organized. For example, in my cleaner binder I can have separate sections for oven cleaners, for toilet cleaner, for laundry products.... Well, you get the idea! It's a great feeling to be contributing to my family this way and making those binders useful again! Thanks to all you gals out there you have shared such great ideas for ways to use binders. I hope you know how much this means to me since it's truly a way to move my family back a couple decades! Enough with this forward stuff!
  • Mookies Fan - Oh baby Oh baby!Forget the old heating pads that have the hard plastic edges! This one is soooo soft. It heats extremely well and the timer on it makes it all the better. I bought the first one planning on enjoying it when a week later my mother hurt her back so I passed it on. Now I'm back for another one. There's no way my medical cabinet will be without one of these!
  • homebirthmom - really great and cute strolleri test drove this sucker out for a good half hr in Toysrus w my toddler in it and it was awesome. the only reason I didnt buy it was cause of the foam handle. yuck. I have a thing with feels and the handle was scratchy and icky feeling to me... i expect after it sits in the sun while the foam will crack or harden and feel even worse. gives me heebies just thiking of it :( so i got the mini for nearly $100 more. if britax had an option you could take that part off or swap it out, I would have gotten this.

    the good: nearly everything. lightweight, easy open and close, so comfy for kids. amazing recline, easy to get at basket, super adorable colors. GREAT price!!