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  • Stephen Mink - Is that a banana in your pocket? No, it's a Hutzler 571!Sometimes in life we forget about fate and something comes along to change our lives forever. Believe it or not, for me, it was the Hutzler 571.

    I bought the 571 as a prank and because I thought it would be fun for my sons to use on their banana caterpillars. (They do like it.) After the purchase, I joked with friends and family who had read the reviews here about how I'd bought this thing on a whim. When bragging about my purchase, I struggled remembering which model it was. I'd be telling someone I bought the Hutzler 438, the 503, or the 977. I decided to make it a point to remember that it was the 571 after becoming irratated at myself for my lack of memory. You see, I'm one of those people that counts their steps, that can recall old phone numbers from when I was a child, that remembers his sixth grade locker combination, whose fingers can remember passwords that my mind can't. Call me OCD-ADD. It bothers me to forget numbers.

    A week after purchasing the product, I'm driving to work typing out license plates in my head as I see them, like I always do. "AZP 2932, AZP 2932, AZP 2932........BIB 411, BIB 411, BIB 411." I suppose this is a way I keep my mind occupied while I drive. As I merge over to my exit, I come up behind a boring white utility van; the variety that are typically used as courier vans. I glance down at the plates and start to type out the tag number in my head as I wait for traffic to proceed. "HTZLR 571, HTZLR 571, HTZLR 571." This immediately strikes me as familiar as I struggle to figure out why this is a relevant tag number, so instead of immediately passing the van like I normally would, I decide to coast behind it and see if I could make sense of the tag.

    The car that had previously been behind me, a green Mustang who had been pushing me to go faster on the previous highway even though I was going ten over the speed limit, zipped around us impatiently. Finally, I figure out why the tag is familiar and chuckle to myself before passing the van to get back behind the impatient Mustang. As Speed Racer and I approach an intersection, the light turns yellow and the the Mustang predictably increases his speed. I likely would have still been in front of the Mustang and done the same thing if I had never come across the Hutzler van. What happens next will give me chills forever...

    As the Mustang shoots under the light, a tractor trailer shoots through the red light from the right at the same time. The Mustang slams on his brakes and misses slamming into the truck by literally inches. If I hadn't been distracted by the Hutzler 571 van, I would have been in front of the Mustang and completely obliterated by the truck.

    I sat at the light, stunned at the turn of events and contemplating what had just happened. It was then that I noticed the grocery store ad board... "Special on Bananas: $0.99/lb."
  • Angela Kee - Great priceAs a 4th year pharmacy student, this book is a necessity. I was so glad I could get it at such a good price.
  • Abbadeer - Great toy to start with!I got this for a gift at the baby shower and I'm sooo glad that I requested it. I first put my son on it at 2 1/2 months old and it didn't really know what to do. I pushed his feet up against the piano and within a few minutes he knew exactly what to do. It's difficult to find things to stimulate him at this age, so when he started kicking away and batting at the hanging toys, I knew it was a winner! He's now 4 months old and still plays with it everyday.