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  • Revenant - Just what I was looking for....I want my kids to be independent so I make them prepare their bananas themselves. It's always a battle to get them properly hold the banana against the weedwacker blade so that it makes proper slices. I hope their claim that the kids will like slicing their bananas is true because I can't stand the way they cry when I have to rev the engine.
  • Tori - Radclyffe does it again.Having read a few of her novels I knew what to expect in that I'd be an interesting medical drama with a developing romance, and yet she always makes each story just as enjoyable. Also it's nice to read of familiar characters from previous novels. So if you enjoy medicine and romance this book is for you.
  • Bookworm130 - Read it in a Day...A CAN'T PUT DOWN BOOK!I googled "great summer mysteries" to read at the pool and wanted something I could put down and pick up....if that is what you want DON'T BUY THIS BOOK! If you want one you CAN'T PUT DOWN...BUY THIS BOOK! I was hooked from page 10, I couldn't put it down. I dropped all priorities for 24 hours and read, till my eyes finally gave out, then finished it as soon as I woke up in the morning. This is a highly disturbing book, but it draws you in and you are immersed in her world, as well as "The Freaks" unfortunately. Excited for the next book by Chevy Stevens.
  • NJCook - Comparable to the better brands but less then 1/2 the costI play about 25 times a year and shoot in the low 90's high 80's. I've played just about every ball over the course of this year but always come back to these. I've tried all the Nike, Calloway, Bridgestone and Tittles balls and put these behind the ProV1 and that's all. I prefer play a high draw and these balls have the perfect amount of spin for that. Very soft around the greens and putting too. They might not be right for everyone's swing, again I intentionally play a draw, but for the price they are def worth a try.