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  • J. Nugent - It's all about soulIts all about Soul

    The Power of Soul by Dr Zhi Gang Sha is a groundbreaking work in every sense. Revealing in classic and succinct ways the multidimensional nature of human existance and the power that our soul has to heal, bless and transform every aspect of our life is nothing short of miraculous in its scope. A true treasure house of spiritual and practical wisdom, there is no other book of this type available today. It is truly Divine. I am one reader whose life will be forever enhanced by the readng of this book and I know everyone who has searched for deeper meaning in there life will be too.

    Jenifer Nugent Australia
  • C. Marley - Great book everyone should readIf you would like to see a prescription for how to fix the problems our country has today, you should read this book. If Coolidge and Mellon's ideas were used today we would have prosperity for all. Sadly that will never happen. Also, I highly suggest you read "The Forgotten Man". We have never been more forgotten than we are today.
  • Warren L. Whitlock "" - Discover Where the Bleeding Edge Will Be NextI stopped counting the number of times where Scoble has shown me something that changed my life and so I was immediately interested to hear that Robert and Shel were writing a new book. After following both authors work through the year, I was honored to receive a pre-release copy and review it here.

    The data in the book is relevant for today, and tomorrow. The writing is great and makes this an entertaining read. Beyond that, the opportunities to think about real business results by implementing what you'll learn in "The Age of Context" was the surprise to me.

    "The Age of Context" is here. The gadgets we carry and use every day are smarter than anything we dreamed of before and the technology has been moving faster than we can use for decades.

    What's changed is that we've reached a point where the five technologies described in the book have come down in price, been integrated into our phones and gadgets and helping us accelerate their use faster than ever before. Had you asked me if I needed a compass on my phone five years ago I would have laughed... now I hear that it's there and start thinking about ways that it will help all the other apps and hardware. We don't need to ask if these are "worth it".. we know can focus on putting them to use to improve our bottom line.

    The privacy issues, the fear of technology controlling us, the question of "need" have become interesting fodder for a dinner conversation. Of course we'll have these technologies. How will you use them better than your competition?

    After reading their posts over the last year, and now the compilation in this book, I'm struck by how much opportunity comes when we implement this in every aspect of business and our lives. Read "The Age of Context" and let's get busy living in the future. It's where we will be spending the rest of our lives.



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  • jocelyn marit - Excellent quality and sound!Awesome bass and great volume. Much richer sound than the many others I tried before finding multiple great reviews on this speaker. I came from the era of stereo systems that included huge speakers with house filling sound and I can have this downstairs on full volume with no distortion and be listening upstairs!