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  • Daniel Ford - TurboTax Biz is greatI have a small C corp to manage, plus a trust, and for that I rely on TurboTax Business. As usual, I figured up the 2012 version and it promptly updated itself and searched out last year's returns so as to suck up the information from them. Good old TurboTax! I don't know how we ever did our tax returns before it came along. (And yes, I have tried the competition, but I always come back to T-Tax.)
  • Anderson Quinteros - helpfullthis is a very usefull book for searching information u need, spetially if u are an IMG doctor congrats and good luck!
  • Joshua C. Scott "Joshua Scott" - The Avid Movie-goers companionMy brother and I have been Leonard Maltins reviews books for years. One of the things I like most about the 2011 edition is it's a little wider which makes it easier to look movies up. Generally, Maltin's reviews are decent -- there are some definite under appreciated movies, however, but I think a avid movie buff should have and use this book. I find it particularly useful when I'm watching a premium movie channel and start a movie a ways into it -- I can look up the movie and get caught up.

    The actor and director index at the end is pointless....most people have access to the Internet and pop over to IMDB.