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  • Brandon - I don't understand all the bad reviews!!I used it on the black trim on a chevy envoy it was grey and now it's black still 3 months later. I didn't prep or even clean the surface like the box recommends. I also used this on my 21ft maxum boats gel coat 1 year ago it was extremely faded and now from 2 feet away and farther it looks brand new if you get close some streaking and I put my boat in brackish water. The boat took 1 full bottle. I was so impressed I emailed photo to the company. Yes the quantity is lacking but the quality is high I purchased in store so I didn't have any shipping problems. I will buy again and I highly recommend. Bottle size is small but if you use it properly the bottle goes a long way.
  • Ralph Pasana - Great Reference BookI bought this book after my professor introduced it to me during her lecture on disaster nursing. She used it in Africa and Port Au Prince and said it was super helpful. It has anything from simple fixes for breaks and sprains and even procedures that a doctor would normally perform that someone can refer to if they absolutely had to for whatever reason. I bought it just as a quick reference.