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  • David VanWormer - Amazing device. The remote headphones jack is an AWESOME feature.Things I love:
    The remote with the headphones jack has changed my life. I had no idea this was even a feature, and this was certainly something I didn't know I needed until I had it. When my wife falls asleep, I don't need to stop watching my movie or whatever! Just plug in! Even when I'm home alone, I prefer to use headphones now, so that I can turn the volume up and not wake the neighbors.
    The streaming seems very fast and and the apps/channels are very polished and snappy. I can't stand some of the smart devices out there if the interface or apps are clunky and slow. This is NOT the case here. Feels like an apple product, to be honest.

    Things I don't love:
    The device shows up as a wifi hotspot due to the way the remote connects to it. Not a huge deal, but I had to adjust the channel my home wifi was on due to some slight interference. I wish I could adjust the channel on the Roku instead.
    I stream from a Plex media server. For whatever reason, the Roku has problems with large (1080p) mkv files. I've run wired Ethernet to the device, and still have the same buffering problems. I've also tried every trick in the book as far as forcing different methods of playback (transcoded vs direct, etc). All of my other Plex devices work fine, but just the Roku has trouble with these larger 4-10GB files. This may be a problem in the Plex app, though, so if you don't use Plex, don't let this influence your decision.

    Bottom line: have an AppleTV and a Roku 3 side by side, and I haven't touched my AppleTV since installing this.
  • R. McCormack "My Two Blessings" - KissKiss really packs a punch from the very beginning. Shauna is very angry with her father, has found out some incriminating information and is going to confront him about it. As always, they get in an argument and she leaves angry. However, she wakes up 6 weeks later from a coma. She learns she had been in a car accident which left her with amnesia and her brother crippled for life. Her father and stepmother blame her entirely for the accident because they found drugs in her system, in the car and in her apartment. But she thinks that can't be right - she's never taken drugs. The only person she can trust is her boyfriend - whom she doesn't even remember.

    She decides to investigate the accident and try to recover her memories. But in the process she discovers something strange happening. She is having strange memories, not her own. She dreams of being a football player and being injured badly. Come to find out her boyfriend suffered a spinal injury while playing football. She dreams of being a soldier in war and discovers her boyfriend was in the war. Whenever she kisses her boyfriend, she ends up with one of his memories. And he losses his memory of the event. How is this happening? Is she somehow stealing memories.

    In the process of trying to discover what really happened the night of the accident, Shauna uses her ability to steal memories and ends up not knowing who to trust. Kiss is full of twist and turns and you're never quite sure who is the good guy and who is the bad guy. The story is a page turner and once you start reading, will keep right on until the very end. This is the first time collaboration for Ted Dekker and new author Erin Healy and it is very well done.

    I received Kiss courtesy of Thomas Nelson Publishing book review blogger program.
  • Charles B. - Greatly helped my businessI always read Amazon reviews before I purchase a product and after reading the existing reviews for Quickbooks, it was hard to know whether or not to purchase the product. I found that most of the negative reviews were from long time users of the software who seem to be upset with changing sales strategies from Intuit. It seems they are "nickel and dime"ing customers more now than in the past. I experienced this already in that it seems they want me to pay $5 to change the look of my printed invoices after a period of 1-month. Things like this are very unusual from expensive purchased software and it creates a bad perception of the company.

    That being said, I really do find the software to be extremely useful and functional. So far, all of the functionality I needed is included in the price of the Pro software and it has really helped me organize my business tasks. Being able to create and track all aspects of customers, estimates, invoices and payments is necessary and I think Quickbooks does a very good job of this. This really is comprehensive software and it covers a lot of different tasks and aspects of running a small business. Integrating things like banking and shipping, for example, helps me save time and keep things in one place.

    One thing to be aware of, is the learning curve. They do have some tools to help you get started but even after a month of regular use, I feel there is a lot of functionality I'm missing out on because I don't know how to use it yet. I am going to look into an online training or guide to help me better understand all the capabilities of the software so I can integrate more of it into my business.

    I think if you are a new user of this software and you buy it knowing they will try to sell you other services, you will be very happy with your purchase (as I am). I do, however, understand the frustration of their selling practices. I don't think its deceitful since they do specify what is included and what isn't, but I do think its a bad way of doing business. I would much rather they raise the prices by 10 or 15% and stop trying to charge me for so much extra functionality. I'd even be willing to pay a small upgrade fee each year to stay current. Then, I could feel as if "I pay a premium price for this software, but Intuit takes care of me." This is much better than feeling like they are trying to charge you for every feature you use beyond the standard set.

    Overall, I'm giving this software 5 stars not because its perfect (it's not), but because I think its the best choice out there and it was well worth the price I paid.