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  • Audra L. Whitton "audreysmagic" - High society style on a writer's budgetI am not a billionaire career woman, but I write and play one on the Internet. It's been hard to find props that look like they belong to someone with far more money than I could ever make in several lifetimes, with a feminine flair. But, finally! BIC has answered my prayers! I can now look as fashionable as ever as I sign fake contracts!

    Also, they're great for stirring my Ramen noodles at dinner.
  • Arizona Reader - Awesome TabletVery nice tablet, and in many respects better than iPad2. The quad core and ability to view outdoors set it apart from other tablets. Good battery life, very snappy, ICS available, all make it a very nice experience.

    I also like the slightly longer height than on some similar sized tablets because it makes it work great as a reader. I find reading PDF docs easier on this than on my 21 inch monitor.