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  • Lanny A. Netz "Car guy" - A life saver.........for a guy that can get lost in a parking lot. I also use it when I take my jeep into the high country. I really like the ability to tell me my elevation. And it can show my speed even when I am crawling around in low gear. In the city the street view is very helpful. It is a great improvement over the older models and for what it gives rather inexpensive.
  • R. Johnson - The only thing that works!I can't recommend Abreva highly enough. Whenever I feel a cold sore coming on (that tingling feeling in my lip) I start to apply it immediately. It helps cold sores to heal faster (occasionally they don't even completely "erupt"), AND it makes them less painful! Get several and keep one at work, at home, and in the car. You'll want to use it at the first sign of a cold sore! The price is pretty good on Amazon... it's as much as $25 in some drug stores. Also, be sure to get the tube, not the "pump." I found you waste a lot with the pump because you can't control how much product comes out each use.
  • Betty L. Dravis "BETTY DRAVIS, author/reviewer" - Were-panthers, were-tigers, were-wolves & vamps! Oh-hhhh... FUN!I have always loved books about werewolves, shape-shifters and vampires, but with the current influx of Vamp books, my loyalty and love switched to werewolves and shape-shifters of other species. As I tend to do with men, I got a little tired of the vamps, I suppose. :-)

    Anyway, I grabbed this book because I liked the take-off on the title of Elizabeth Gilbert's popular book Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman's Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia. And I am so glad I did! Best-selling USA Today author Kerrelyn Sparks's book Eat Prey Love (Avon) amused and entertained me for many happy hours.

    It's a unique plot about one sister, Shanna, leaving younger sister Caitlyn. Knowing nothing of their father's sinister, misguided role in her leaving, Caitlyn feels abandoned. The sisters write to each other, but their father waylays the letters, so it's many years later when Caitlyn finds Shanna and they have a happy, albeit weird, reunion.

    Shanna lives in a vampire complex with some very good vampires and has mortal children with her vamp husband Roman. They are part of a world-wide group of good vamps who are fighting the evil vamps and are surrounded by shape-shifters of various kinds: were-panthers, were-wolves and even were-tigers. The shifters guard the vamps in the daylight hours when they are sleeping and most vulnerable.

    Over a period of a few days, Shanna explains some of the facts to Caitlyn who is shocked and unbelieving. Meanwhile, Caitlyn meets Carlos and falls for him at first sight. What she learns about him is shocking, too, but were-panther or no were-panther, she's determined that he's the right man for her. Carlos falls for her, but since his species is dying he resists his attraction because he must go on an overseas search to find others like him. It's up to him to save his race...

    So Caitlyn and Carlos are star-crossed lovers who must battle many problems before they can be together... IF they can be together...

    So as not to ruin the plot for you, I'll only mention one more thing: Their father heads a CIA group whose main purpose is to stomp out all vampires. But how can he do that when his oldest daughter is married to one and his youngest on a mission to marry a were-panther.

    DELICIOUS--from the most dangerous moments to the hilarious! I admire this author's skill in making the shifters seem real and showing me the good in all of the species. I really care about the feelings of the mortals, vamps and shifters in this book.

    This is not the first time I've read about shape-shifters. Caitlyn Hunter has an Eternal Shadows series of books about them. I read and loved every word of the first two: Snow Shadows and Storm Shadows. However, except for werewolves, this is the first time I've seen an author use the term "were" before other species names, such as were-panther, were-tiger, etc. Highly intriguing.

    This author has it all in this book: action, adventure, love, vamps, shape-shifters, CIA, family love and betrayal, etc. I could go on and on, but let me simply congratulate Kerrelyn Sparks for her lively imagination and skill with words. If she gets a little racy in a few love scenes, it is definitely not erotica and it fits the "nature of the beast" in Carlos. :-)

    Reviewed by Betty Dravis, November 17, 2010
    Author of "Dream Reachers" (with Chase Von) and other books
  • Way Wong - The Wall: 2011 Remastered CDThis review will contain strictly my thoughts on the Guthrie remaster and NOT on the the album's lyrical or conceptual qualities. Lets start off with my equipment; I'm testing this cd on my full british hifi system ( Musical Fidelity A1 CD Pro, Musical Fideltiy A1 Integrated Amp, Bower and Wilkins 805 speaker). Forget the Doug Sax version along with the previous Guthrie 1994 remastered disc set; if you want audiophile sonic quality this is the version to buy. This copy of the remaster retains all the character and essence of the original LP with added dynamic punch and texture lost in the previous versions. It is evident that much time was spent refining this album as its overall product is significantly different from past remasters. Especially on "Hey You" and "One of my turns" the imaging and sound stage really shine and show the real remastering magic from Guthrie. I don't care much for the miniaturized LP paper packaging sleeve; honestly I would have preferred an actual cd case but that is a very minor problem. I would recommend this album to anyone with at least an entry level hifi system or hifi level headphones. This is a must have for die hard pink floyd fans personally I enjoy more of the remastered disc found on the discovery sets instead of the live performance discs or other miscellaneous recordings which in my opinion are neither here nor there; they just don't hit that spot for me and are neither of any high sonic qualities. And for those who already have all the previous "The Wall" albums the difference with this 2011 remaster are definitely worth the cash. Great sounding hifi quality music will always deserve my hard earned money.
  • E. Mays - Worth every pennyThis device is for you if: you read every day; you read more than one book a month; you love having a book with you every where you go; you hate waiting for the paperback to come out to save a few bucks off the hardcover price; you like to read more than one book at a time; you also read magazines and newspapers; you can't get your favorite newspaper delivered the same day it comes out because you live in the country; or you want to save the environment from the paper waste of magazines and newspapers; etc.

    The Kindle is very, very easy to use. This product works off CELLULAR signals, not wireless internet, so its easier to obtain books you want. I have been poolside and had someone recommend a book and purchased it as they were speaking! Its wonderful!

    Since you probably love paper/bound books as I do, you will likely still buy hardcopies of the ones you like and want for your library. Its like previewing a book before buying it.
    The cost to download a book is a good value, so if there is an author or book I'm not certain I will enjoy, I don't mind paying for this less expensive version.

    The selection is very good, though not vast. You can have old favorite books, religious manuscripts, novels, periodicals, a dictionary, etc right at your fingertips without the internet and without the bulk. And once you have downloaded it, its yours and its backed up online at Amazon where you can re-download without repaying. And you can mark a page or make a note in the book as you're reading; something I liked to do and which took a toll on traditional books.

    The Kindle is wonderful. I'm waiting for my second one to ship to me(someone walked away with my first one.) Get it. You'll love it.

    Happy reading.