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  • bulgakov - Love the sound and the styleI replaced my Boston Acoustics sound bar with this Bose Solo. Love the design and my 47" TV fits perfectly on top of it and looks so much cleaner and sleeker than the big sound bar did. The sound quality is amazing. I can hear speaking voices very clearly, music sounds great, and movies and shows have a full, well balanced sound also. I was hesitant to spend $399 when there are so many cheaper sound bar alternatives, but I feel it was worth the price and I am very satisfied with my purchase.
  • TealSays "...and that's the truth Ruth!" - Take That Cold Sores!This has been a life saver (appearance wise), because of cold sores there have been times when I wore surgical masks to hide them, (believe me - based on the appearance of my mouth - this was far better option that going bare-faced). I don't get that (warning) itch, so on most mornings, I smooth very little over my lips (rubbing it in, letting it dry), and repeat the same in the evening. No problem wearing my fav' lipstick over it either! (A tube lasted three, almost four weeks.) It's been over 2-months with out a cold sore. Where as before I had a few outbreaks within the same time period. So yeah, great price, (cost $22.00 at local drug store). I've tried this in the pump as well, and I recommend this over the pump version, as lots of the product gets left in the pump.

    I just wonder, since I use a little of this every day, if my body might become immune to it at some time.
  • Ron Shearer "Sports from A to Zito" - even better on Kindle Fire HDGot this for free on my iPhone and found it fairly enjoyable (as much fun as any game on that small screen). I noticed it for Kindle right away but didn't feel the love enough to pony up cash for it (not even 99). But then I saw it today with that glorious word FREE, so I thought I'd give it a whirl on the bigger screen.

    I had a blast in my first game (mostly discounting the fact my Red Sox pounded the Yankees at The Stadium). The bigger screen makes a huge difference, and having so many options for play is something one rarely finds in a free app. It's no MLB: The Show, but its graphics and gameplay are still pretty decent.

    And for those who like something to aim for (besides a postseason berth), 9 Innings awards points for certain achievements (like turning a double play or fanning a hitter on three pitches). This awards points, which unlock special cards that enhance certain aspects of your team, giving you an edge in future games.

    9 Innings hasn't always been free, so I would say grab it while you can. It's a great way to experience the National Past Time without having to empty your wallet first.
  • Dan Cannon - Great Drive!It feels like I just got a brand new laptop. Turned my older (3 years) dual core business class Dell into a speedy and fast loading computer. These drives will inject new life into any older system. Be careful when installing and make sure you have perfectly seated contact with the internal sockets. These drives are a little thinner than the standard mechanical hard drives so they have a little play when installing. Once properly inserted and secured with the drive screws there are no issues though.
  • Diane B. - A Fine Romance: Falling in Love with the English CountrysideSusan has written the most beautiful book and romanced the reader all through the English countryside! She states right from the beginning she is taking you with her. (It's great fun to travel with your girlfriend!)You feel you are right there--it's an amazing journey. Susan has captured England's most gorgeous areas with her heart, art, photos and handwritten entries holding you captive each moment. A Fine Romance is a love story of people, places and experiences as well as a guidebook you'll want to take with you when you visit the English countryside, so many things to do and places that are truly must sees. Thank you, Susan.