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  • Tracey Treglia - WWE delivers another fine event in ChicagoIt took two matches to make me believe that this would have the makings of a great event. But with those came a night of spectacular surprises. First off, the return of Rob Van Dam was confirmed to pump up the WWE Universe. The card delivered more than was expected.

    1) Triple Threat Match for the Intercontinental Championship
    Wade Barrett(c) vs. The Miz vs. Curtis Axel
    I'm glad the WWE is reviving this title in some way. The Barrett-Miz rivalry took an unexpected turn and was untouched for two months. Curtis Axel, formerly known as Michael Mcgillicutty, is Paul Heyman's new apprentice which seems to be big to WWE. But he was able to wrestle quite well at a lower level in WWE. A suspenseful opener with Axel being the main source of attention, but the Miz made his presence known with some nice spots. I wouldn't skip it. 7.5/10

    2) Diva's Championship Match
    Kaitlyn vs. AJ
    This match should have taken place at Extreme Rules, but the rivalry lasted longer and got more heated. Yes I'm talking about a Diva rivalry. Both competitors have the ability to go crazy, and acted a high desire towards the title. This match did have some good spots, Kaitlyn the most, making it highly watchable. For a divas match, I rank 8/10

    3) United States Championship Match
    Dean Ambrose(c) vs. Kane
    I saw Ambrose's ability to perform last month at Extreme Rules in a match against Kofi Kingston. That match was short and fast paced between Kofi's speed and Ambrose's power. I thought Dean would use his powerful skills to use against Kane in an intense giant vs. giant fight. In the end this match was long, dragged-out, nothing special. Only really about 4 or 5 highlights that are special but I would skip it. 6/10

    4) World Heavyweight Championship Match
    Dolph Ziggler(c) vs. Alberto Del Rio
    This match, like others, took an unexpected turn. This one more noticeably. The rivalry had good chemistry, which was shown in the first 8 or 9 minutes of the match. But towards the end, pure brutality won the race. The double turn after was pretty big. Didn't seem like a Heavyweight title match, but WWE has not cared for this title for a long time. 7.5/10

    5) CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho
    Thank god. WWE was saved by the return of CM Punk. What better way to do it in Chicago, against a fan favorite in Chris Jericho. This is the third time these two will face in the city, which pumped up the crowd. This match got real good real fast. Both were fan favorites which is making Punk back into a babyface. Overall, this can be ranked 2nd of 3rd in their 3 PPV encounters or 4 with their 2008 King of the Ring match on RAW. This mach was the best on the card. 9/10

    6) World Tag Team Championship Match
    The Shield(c) vs. Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton
    Another great match with the Shield. Bryan and Orton each had their chance to shine, and their moves actually varied as oppose to their recent performances. Always fun to watch Bryan. 8/10

    7) Three Stages of Hell Match for the WWE Championship
    Never would I have thought that I would see another 3 Stages of Hell Match. I expected one for HHH and Lesnar at WM 29, but it never happened. I had my doubts, especially with the Lumberjack Stipulation put in, but this was a great main event. The lumberjacks went after both wrestlers, and Cena even put on an awesome dive into the crowd. The tables was a somewhat humorous portion with Ryback's steel step rampage. As you guessed it went to three falls, but in a different order than expected. The Ambulance portion was worthy while it lasted. I give the main event and 8.5/10.

    Overall, I give this event an 8.25/10
  • William Peters - Worth the wait for meI've been really enjoying Diablo 3. I was a fan of Diablo 2 and have been excited about this new version.

    I haven't finished the game yet but wanted to put up a review to counter all the 1 star reviews. 1 star. Really? Is it really that black and white? I found it funny that some 1 star customer reviews described playing through the whole game, even with multiple characters and then having a 1 star opinion. The last game I played that I would have rated 1 star I stopped playing after 10 minutes.

    Yes, it is a lot of Diablo 2. Diablo 2 was awesome.

    Yes, you need to log-in to play. I'm sure part of this is for piracy issues. Guess what, game developers need to make money. The music and software businesses are in serious trouble because of piracy. If they can't make money they won't make games anymore and then there won't be anything to complain about.

    I'm really enjoying the game. I'm playing the wizard. I think I'll do the witch doctor next. It is fun and challenging but keeps you wanting to play on and on. The skills and weapons are interesting. The levels are cool. Get it!