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  • Doubletake "Bassman" - Works greatI ordered this on a whim through the television ad and didn't expect much. However, it worked great and just as advertised. Nothing sticks and it's a breeze to clean. It doesn't wobble on the range and has held up beautifully for the six months we've had it. I don't know what heat source the complainers are using (gas or electric) but we have LP gas with no issues. I wish they made a rectangular smooth griddle. I'd buy it in a minute.
  • msmithunr - It was time.I was still running Windows Vista on my HP Touchsmart PC. I was worried that I would lose the Touch Smart software when I installed Windows 8. Well, I was correct but the Touch Smart software was there so the user could perform tasks via the touch screen. With Windows 8 being designed for tablets and touch screen PC's I don't even miss the software I lost. I was able to download Windows Media Center from Microsoft for free with some promotion they were having and I absolutely love it.
  • jillybean - one the best books ever writtenI would give this book 10 stars if I could. After I finished reading the paperback, I went out and bought it in hardcover. Long after the Kindles (which I love) are obsolete and the paperbacks fallen apart, I will still have this yellowed but amazing book. This story makes you ask questions of yourself that you never contemplated before and is therefore a great selection for a book club. To be honest I have read some of McCarthy's other books (All the Pretty Horses and Blood Meridian) and didn't like them nearly as well. The writing style is classic McCarthy and the same as in all his other books. It is most effective, though, in this book. His writing is not flowery and flowing, but spare, clipped and the most spot-on descriptions with few very well chosen words. It is a talent sorely missing in most of today's bestsellers. This is a book that stays with you, haunts you, long after you have put down. It deserves a permanent place in everyone's library.