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  • Julia K. - Wonderful colors and wear.For the price you get a bunch of variety without having to commit to huge bottles. The colors are all amazing and vibrant and they are very durable. Essie in general is a durable brand though and I haven't been disappointed yet.
    I would say the only thing to watch for is that they dry a little darker than then the bottle, but that is usually the case.
  • P. Henderson - Great TabletI've had this tablet for about a week and it is great. I really don't care about all the negative reviews regarding GPS cause i have my phone for that plus if it were that important to me i would by a dedicated GPS receiver. That's not what I bought this tablet for, but it worked fine in the house and outside with Google Maps. Other than that I'm pleased with my decision to buy this tablet. The build quality is really good and the performance is better than I expected. The only complaint i have is with the WiFi signal being displayed as low, but i think its more of a problem with the software than hardware. My galaxy nexus has the same problem. The screen is crystal clear and the colors look very nice. I am happy with my purchase so far.
  • Jor El - Works as it should.Stay protected.Works well. Stopped a major Trojan on my computer when AVG and McFee couldn't even locate it. I already had the virus, but neither program detected it before it was too late. Even when i was infected, they could find or repair it. I re-booted my computer in safe mode, downloaded a trial version Norton and repaired my computer in time. I then went and purchased the full version for Norton. I will only use Norton for protection. Period.