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  • Havlyn "Havana" - Beyond expectationsI just cant put it down. I want to carry it everywhere with me. It is the first iPad in my home and its the most excitement we had as a family over a gadget. Everyone wants one now. I own an iPhone 5 and iPod. I was never interested in an iPad because of size. I considered it to be a big iPhone and debated for months whether I should get an iPad 4 or the mini. I am so happy I got the mini. I really can't see that much difference with the retina. If fact my iPhone 5 looks so small and clustered. It is the best gift I have had since the iPhone. This iPad made me play games again. I stopped playing games on iPhone because of screen size.
    The size is perfect.
    The screen looks great
    It's fast
    Well made
    Has great accessories i recommend Invellop leather case. It's perfect.
    Battery last long.
    1000s of great apps.
    It's Desirable.
    So far there is nothing that I would call a con.
  • J. Kaye Oldner "Judith" - Christian ThrillerKISS is the second book I've read where Ted Dekker co-authored. The first, THE HOUSE, was more of a horror, where as this one was a thriller. This book ranks a five out of five for one reason. I began reading KISS at 8:30 PM and didn't stop until I was done. I promised myself I'd never stay up late to finish a book, but couldn't put it down. There were no dry spots for me in the story. No place for me to pause. When each chapter ended, I wanted to know more. I had to know more.

    The prologue opens with Shauna McAllister and brother, Rudy, in Dr. Ayers's office. She is planning to confront her father who is a Senator running for the presidency. After the confrontation, both are in an auto accident. When she awakes from a coma, she has no memory of the past six months. Drugs were found in her car and in her apartment, plus brother has suffered brain damage.

    The ground work has been laid out for her to start over, but she can't let the past go. There are too many unanswered questions and she wants to make things right again. What she doesn't understand is that if she remembers, she's dead.

    Dekker has the gift of writing with such intensity. The genre is listed under Christian suspense, but the message of God doesn't weight down the story.
  • cassitiw - More than just about getting guys!! Must Read!Get The Guy by Matthew Hussey is a must read for any woman! I wish that this book had been around in my teens!! This is because this book is more than just about getting guys, attracting them, and keeping them. THIS BOOK HAS TAUGHT ME TO BE MORE PASSIONATE ABOUT MY LIFE! He encourages you to live a life you love and love the life you live! This book has seriously helped me to become more personable with my peers. It has really taught me how to come more out of my shell. I have always considered myself shy and introverted. But, I realize now, that isn't the case. Since reading this book, I got job offers from 4 out of the 5 interviews that I went to! Seriously, it's not just about getting guys and I love it! However, Matthew's advice really works! I have met more guys and built new connections with multiple men. I trust his advice coming from a man's point of view. I treat this book as my bible. I read a little bit from it every night and even refer back to some things after completing the book.
    Again, this is a must read! I hope that I get a chance to check out Matthew's Online Programme!!
    Thank you Matthew Hussey!!