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Country: Asia, TR, Turkey

  • D. West - Excellent seatWe needed a new seat for our 2.5 year old, who outgrew his small convertible seat. We aren't ready for a booster yet, and I'd like to keep him in a proper seat with a 5-point harness as long as possible. I looked at a lot of seats with high weight limits, but my requirements were: a) it had to recline for those car naps, b) it had to be fairly compact, and c) it had to have deeper sides to accommodate my napping toddler. I LOVE the rigid latch - it makes installation a breeze. I really like how incredibly sturdy it feels in the car and that it doesn't move around at all (again, thanks to the rigid latch and anchor hooks). The seat is heavy, but all good seats of this size seem to be, so we just bought a lightweight cheap seat for travel and keep this in our main car. I realize that different families have different requirements, but for us, this one works great.
  • Ava M. Jahoda - yeshas changed my life! It really works, i could do seminars on this "Plan" i am that much of a believer and you dont need to go out and buy anything expensive i went with the dandelion tea instead of the detox pills much cheaper!!!!