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  • Wendee - After months of looking for a lightweight stroller!!After months of looking for a lightweight stroller I am sticking with this one!

    Pros: Lightweight, easy to push, medium sized basket, easy fold, 5 point harness that is hard to open,built solid, large canopy, decent recline.

    Cons: I think seat back should sit up straighter, no parent tray, cup holder or child tray comes with the stroller (You can purchase these), handle does not adjust, I would like to see a one handed recline for laying back and sitting upright.

    Fact is I wanted lightweight, big canopy, folds up quick and small and doesn't brake the bank. This stroller does all this and is well built and easy to push!
  • Sean Miller - Great OSOverall I've had a positive experience with Windows 8 so far. I've only been using Windows 8 for a couple of weeks, but it was much easier to adapt to from Win 7 than I had heard. My average boot time seems much faster than 7, and programs seem to load slightly faster. I haven't run into any compatibility issues yet. I'm not really an 'app' person (I prefer my games and software in a more traditional installation), but there are some handy apps out on the marketplace. The marketplace does already have a lot of apps, but it's still in it's infancy. Win 8 does have some room for improvement with the interface I think. There are a few design choices Microsoft made that makes perfect sense for a tablet / phone (like hiding the shut down button), but are bad choices for a desktop pc (like hiding the shut down button). Overall, I think it's a better OS than Windows 7 (and don't get me wrong - I love Windows 7).
  • AKS "moondrop_72" - best hydration for problem skinMy aesthetician turned me onto Skinceuticals.Because I have so many problems with break outs and very sensitive skin she switched me from a acne moisturizer to this gel. It takes a bit of getting used to - the gel has a strange texture. But it absorbs quickly. My face is hydrated without being oily. I notice that my skin produces less oil throughout the day since I started using. A little goes a very long way - you only need 1-2 drops to cover your face and chin-line so it's worth the extra money. I use this in conjunction with their SPF 50 sunscreen and it works beautifully.
  • akinjoe - Performs as advertisedPro: This vacuum cleaner does everything as described on the product details page. Very light weight and picks up a lot of dirt.

    Cons: It does not cook my diner for me.

    Other thoughts: It will be nice if dirt container is a bit bigger. This will minimize frequent visit to the trash can to empty it, because it picks up a lot of dirt very quickly. I guess the vacuum is too good for the size of it's container.
  • Shannon S. Ash "ShannonAsh" - Results Validated - It's a BOY!Was intrigued by this product, so had to try it. Tested it out this morning at 0500 (no sleeping for soon to be third time parents!) and the product was absolutely definitely 100% green. No ambivalence - both DH and I saw the same results after following directions precisely. So according to the test, we should be expecting a boy. BTW - the instructions say to use a "white background" under the test, i.e. a paper plate. Well, if you deconstruct the box carefully, the inside is - guess what - WHITE! So I took the box apart and used the box as my "white base". A "green" tip. (Pun intended). ADDENDUM: Found out via ultrasound today this little stinker is indeed a boy! Was fun to do. As the test advises, wouldn't paint nursery or other "drastic" things based on it though. A Boy!