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  • Princess Julie - QuickBooks for Mac to the Rescue!QuickBooks for Mac 2013 [Download]My business was growing and I still wasn't the most organized in the 'paperwork department.' QuickBooks was highly recommended by several entrepreneurial friends.
    I was a little worried about using QB on my Mac because they all have PC's. I found the website 'Intuit Quickbooks for Mac - Little Square' and have NO worries. There are no questions that I've asked that I couldn't find an answer or video for.
    The accounting required for my business; invoices, estimates, and other reports are a breeze. A few minutes every day working with the incredibly user friendly QuickBooks puts everything where it belongs. With it all being in the right place, I no longer dread my bookkeeping.
  • Edz40 - It does it all!That is, if you define "all" with slicing a banana.

    Life seemed so meaningless; I was lost... adrift on a sea of uncertainty... until the Hutzler 571 banana slicer found it's way into my kitchen junk drawer. Now, life has new meaning. I'm taking my medications regularly, and the voices all agree that having your banana sliced in 26 identical slices brings not just comfort but conformity back into what once was a world full of chaos and unequally sliced slices of banana.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Hutzler corporation, for helping to change this world, one equally sliced banana at a time!!