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Country: North America, CA, Canada

City: M5J Toronto, Ontario

  • Utah Mike - Simple idea in a great little machine.The machine is easy to work, and fun. As I tried to carbonate the first few bottles, even after 10 pushes of the button, I didn't get the "buzz" that you are supposed to eventually hear. I found out that the water needs to be really cold for it to work best.

    The soda tastes pretty good, we've tried multiple flavors. The diet cola does have a bit of a diet after taste, but I'll probably get used to it. I also put a shot of lemon juice in it and it's great. It's very convenient to make soda in your own kitchen.

    Overall, it is a good product. I initially had some customer service issues, but thanks to Kristin in marketing all of my issues were resolved.
  • rocky - Exceptional DeviceCouldn't be more pleased with this purchase! I am a student and having a tablet that I can carry to class in my bookbag vs carrying a laptop around with me is so much more convenient when I already have so many other books and binders with me. I bought the mini vs the regal sized ipad because of the thinness and the lightweight. I usually have pretty bad buyers remorse, but not with this item. Its so easy to hold in one hand and operate. Would highly recommend for any student or teacher, or anyone on the go.
  • Sherry E. Wells - KINDLE IS THE BEST THING TO OWN IF YOU READ ALOT!I am an avid reader who reads two to three books a week. The Kindle is absolutely the best gadget I have ever purchased. i bought mine right when they came out in 2007 and have had no prblems whatsoever with it. It is still using the original battery although i have purchased a new one as a backup. The only problem i have is keeping a decent looking cover on it. i am on my third. i carry it every where and have probably sold at least 100 of them due to inquiries about it. I have had doctors and nurses even look at it. If you know someone who reads please buy them one, they will love you for it.
  • CL in Dallas - Challenging and thought provokingThis is not one of those easy superficial feel-good books that you race through. You'll probably read a bit, put it done and think about what the author presents. It's challenging, thought revoking and very insightful of the period. Especially interesting is how Paul and his version of Christ's teaching emerged as the Christianity we know today.
  • Mrs. Night Owl - Focus is on process and highly tested topicsTo all the aspiring nurses out there: this is not a basic review book. It's more of a tactical guide of how to dissect questions, recognize the important parts, and analyze the answers for some of the most highly-tested subject matter. So instead of thinking about each question in a willy-nilly sort of way, this book teaches you how to get down to business and pick the answer without having to be an expert on the topic.

    The information is set up under the big category names like "health promotion and maintenance" and "psychosocial integrity." Under these headings there are many subsections for individual topics like health screening, lifestyle choices, high risk behaviors... It's just a different layout than most NCLEX books.

    The BEST parts about this book: it really hits the highlights of each topic, and also the practice questions. There are quiz questions at the end of each chapter, then in the immediately following pages there are the answers. The nice part is the question is presented in the answer section as well. So you're not looking in the answer section, having to flip back and forth to read the question on one page, and the rationales for the answers on another. It's all together in the answers section (handy).

    I think this is a good adjunct to a basic review book. At least this is another tool you can use when making that final selection on your exam.