Skin Care and Hair Loss Treatment Drugs - Drug treatment of hair loss and skin aging at the Proctor Clinic. Dr Proctor is an MD, PhD skin drug researcher. He holds eight US patents covering treatments for hair regrowth and to reverse hair-loss.

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  • Daniel Pepper - great little machineI have owned kirby, rainbow, electolux, and tri star. yes i have spent alot of money on vacuum cleaners through the years. and i have to say this is better than them all. the real noticable difference aside from the weight. was with any of the others i would use them 2 to 3 times straight in a row befor i would steam clean my carpets, and the water from the stream cleaner was always very dirty. with this one i run it 2 -3 times and the water is not as dirty. I have since upgraded to the shark lift away, the cleanning power is basically the same just upgraded becasue of the attachments. ect. so when it comes to vacuums if its a shark , you cant go wrong.
  • gdodge - transformer surpasses my tablet needsGreat tablet. The battery life is outstanding, processing speed is faster than my old desktop. I use the tablet instead of my work laptop for traveling and its great.
  • M.armot - great game!this game is so awesome. the graphics aren't half bad and the gameplay is amazing. great time waster. only one glitches I have found is that when you double steal with two outs (guy on third and one on first or second), the run that crosses the plate actually counts when it should not in reality. that is the only glitch I have found so far. other than that, the game is awesome.