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  • bestimmt - What an amazing person.I have never, ever in my life seen anyone carry themselves with more dignity and class than Elizabeth Smart (and indeed her entire family). Her book is heartbreaking and infuriating and inspiring at the same time. It is unbelievable what she went through. No one - least of all a child - should be exposed to the hell she experienced every day for nine months. It is unreal that she was able to take what happened to her and turn it into something good and inspiring. I remember when she was taken and found - I was living in New York. Every time I went outside, I would look around, thinking maybe, just maybe, I'd see someone who resembled her (I still do this for various missing children - we all should. You never know when you might spot someone who needs help). But like everyone else, I was pretty sure she had passed on. I'll never forget when I heard she was found. I have never met her in my life, but I was elated to hear the news. I also remember thinking, wow, she is going to be one messed up little girl after that. Kudos to her for not letting those two animals destroy her. I'm sure she carries the scars of those nine months with her every day. But you wouldn't know it to look at her. Good for her. Great book.
  • Sally Jensen - Great service!Arrived early...thanks! Not sure the product works as well as doctor OZ predicted it would...but I sometimes forget to take it 30 minutes before the meal.
  • Place of Eels - Tools, Knowledge and ConfidenceI bought the program for use with my son, who is now 11 years old. We have been struggling with his defiance, disrespect, abuse and disobedience in the home since he was age 5 or 6. I finally bought the program last year after my mother told me about it several years ago. The discs gave me a tremendous amount of useful knowledge and, ultimately, confidence in my parenting. The program is easy to understand and implement. Consistency is key and it is helpful to keep in mind that change is a slow process. I am very pleased that I purchased the program.