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  • R. Martin - ten times better than my first rokuI love this new box. I don't have much use for the controller piece that lets you play games, but the real winner is the speed. This loads SO much faster than the older models. I also had a problem before of having to manually reconnect to the internet a lot. I have not had to do that once with this unit. The phone/tablet application is neat too as you can sling your photos or videos from your phone/tablet to the TV.
  • L. Heald - Gift for 3rd year medical studentI gave this to my daughter who is a 3rd year medical student. It was recommended by my friend who is a pediatric pharmacist. Very good resource- easy to understand.
  • Byron Rosenbaum - The Collectibles by James J. KaufmanINSPIRING . A GREAT BOOK. THE COLLECTIBLES

    This well written story is about an unusual man of flawless character that will inspire any sensible adult reader to imitate his thoughts and acts.
    "Joe" is my ideal of a well developed good person .
    His intelligent behavior and acts of intelligent charity are an inspiration to live the "Golden Rule", not just talk about it .

    I recommend this book with the highest rating possible.
    In all my 80 years of reading, starting at age 3, this is the best of the best , and I hope my review will spread the word to benefit all who read it.

    At the very end it mentions that the author may be involved in making this story into a movie . I hope this happens . Spreading the word to a greater audience is good news.
    I will definitely read any additional book that is written by Mr.Kaufman, but I cannot comprehend how any book could be better.

    This book is published by " at Box 869 Wrightville, N.C. 28480