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  • Johnpix "Johnpix" - Amazon: Norton Internet Security 2012 - 1 user / 3 PCHave used Norton Internet security products for many years and this product continues giving excellent service like those in the past. Most computers users have more than one so you need this 3 PC product to cover all your machines. My internet service provided has a global spam filter as part of its service and this Norton security filter serves as a critically necessary backup, a just-in-case backup. Get it, you need it and it works.
  • JP Pennywise - Works like a miracle!I have dealt with a terrible underarm sweating problem for years. I could actually sweat through a coat in the middle of winter. Any prescription strength anti-perspirants that I tried were a joke. I basically accepted the fact that there was no solution to my problem until I stumbled upon this product on Amazon. After reading all of the reviews, I decided I had to give it a try. This product really does work. It is amazing!!!! I can actually wear clothes in real colors now instead of just black. I don't have to spend as much time on my laundry (scrubbing under the arms) and my clothes are lasting longer. A couple things though that I need to mention: 1) For people who suffer from sweating problems you really need to limit caffeine intake. The only times I sweat through my "Sweat Block" are when I know I have overdone caffeine intake for the day. So there is definitely some personal responsibility needed here for the product to be completely effective in my opinion, 2) I have experienced very itchy skin under my arms from the Sweat Block. Overall though, I am thrilled with this product and I am recommending it to other people who have sweating issues.
  • Portianay "portianay" - REALLY, Two-Star Reviewers? REALLY???I. LOVE. This. Book. I am stunned that it did not affect everyone the same way. I do understand, yes, that this is a departure for the author, but like every other new thing she has tried, this is a blazing success, unqualified, no apologies. If you yourself have never been through what the trauma of family stress does to a child, at least believe that it DOES traumatize, and maybe even open your eyes and look around you. You won't have to look very far to see that children are suffering, and not just the poor, hungry, war-torn ones, either. Ms. DiCamillo deals with that BRILLIANTLY, and of course, I expected no less. The squirrel-transformation is a vehicle, People, to get the story across to the reader. Then there is the character development: The philosopher who is also extremely pragmatic, all the while discoursing on trolls and knitting; the father who seems like a dummy but most definitely is NOT, and who, perhaps, could be Parental Love Personified; the arch-nemeses who really aren't; the needy, nerdy new friend who turns out to be such a gift. Kate DiCamillo, I salute you, I honor you for knowing what children need, and I pray you always, ALWAYS, listen to whatever-it-is that prompts you to write the books you write. YOU SO ROCK CHILDREN'S LITERATURE!
  • Robert C. Basselgia - Did not work on Vista, but works on Win 7 - 32I was preparing to upgrade Vista Home Premium to Windows 7 Home Premium, 32 bit, but my Roxio Creator 9DE
    was not compatable. I purchased Roxio Creator 2011 and installed it before the upgrade and it would not run
    on Vista. I emailed Roxio Support, but before they responded I did the Win 7 upgrade. After the upgrade I tried
    Roxio Creator 2011 and it loaded O.K. I haven't tried any of the applications yet, but I have viewed the video tutorials and read the PDF tutorials. No problems!
    So far so good. Please note that I didn't uninstall and reinstall after the upgrade. The installation on Vista was on my computer during the Win 7 installation. Ater the installation of Win 7, Roxio Creator 2011 worked.