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  • Rod Harrington - A Wonderful HelpThis book is dedicated "To the millions of people who suffer needlessly from back pain." Anybody in that category knows what they'd give to become--and stay--pain-free.

    To my mind, here's a great book to help. Esther Gokhale offers natural posture solutions for pain in the back, neck, shoulders, hips, knees and feet. The book consists of eight lessons, meticulously explained, with beautiful illustrative photographs. Half of this large book consists of photos--many of people in non-Western societies standing, walking and bending in natural and harm-free ways. Everything discussed is illustrated--so nothing is too hard to understand.

    How we sit, how we stand, bend, sleep--all are vital to our comfort and health. When we learn to maintain correct posture, we'll find we're moving out of the realms of misery, and into a situation of relief and health.

    I really liked this book. There is just enough science for me to understand what my posture is doing to my body, and just enough explanation for me to understand what I can do to make things better. Changing habits is not automatic, of course--I know it takes time before the new ways feel natural. But when there's a blueprint before me, if I have any motivation, I can practise and learn what's healthy.

    If you're looking for some relief, get this book. You will learn a lot--and you'll be so glad you did.
  • HawkeyeCoffee - Great tablet a year later.A year into owning the first generation iPad Mini, I can say it was a great buy for myself and as a gift for my father.


    I've never owned a tablet before the iPad Mini. I had toyed with getting a Nexus 7, but the Google Play Store just didn't have enough tablet specific apps. I owned an iPhone so I chose to stay within that ecosystem. The app selection for the iPad/iPad Mini is great. The non-retina display is not a concern for me. The display is still very good looking though. The size and weight feel great in your hands and is a great in-between of a smartphone and a laptop. I particularly like the aluminum back. It's cold to the touch when you first start using it, but then adapts to your hand temperature. It's solid hardware and feels very premium.


    Speaking of premium, the price. When I bought the iPad Mini in 2012, it was $330 and the processor was already a year behind at that point. The price point as of late 2013 is $299, with the new iPad Mini at a whopping $399. The hundred dollar difference between the 7.9 inch iPad Mini and the 9.7 inch iPad Air makes it difficult to decide. Especially since the new Nexus 7 is only $230 and Amazon Kindle Fire at $139. The processor is still OK, but it can lag on graphic intensive games. If you don't play much of those, you'll be fine. Movies, Youtube, etc all play extremely well.

    Rating: 5 out of 5.
    Recommended: Yes. If you decide to shell out money for an Apple product, you're buying into a great app ecosystem and great hardware that you'll be happy with.
  • Alex Ellis - Hope This Works!I am planning to buy this product very soon because my snoring problem really sucks. A friend recommended this to me, and he said that it works wonder for him. I also love its color, black, but I'm hoping for a more variety of colors to choose from. But still, I'm hoping to have good night sleep soon!
  • Shaun - Quicken Will Maker PlusQuicken Will Maker Plus does more than just help you make your will. It comes with a book called "The Legal answer book for families" It covers Divorce, tax breaks, name change, ect. I tried makeing a will and the progam walks you through it. When I put the disk in my computer the screen didn't display for downloading. I went into my computer found the cd drive, and then saw that Quicken WillMaker was in it. I think I right klicked on it and then went to the bottom, 4th one down opened from there and it walked you through it no problem for installing. I hope that saves you some time if it doesn't open for you. I think this is a great progam to have. To pay a lawyer to make a will can be very expensive.
  • Alain Krikilion - A must for C/AL beginners and veteransHow does the book read? To be honest, it is quite boring (it is a technical book after all) ... if you make the same mistake as I am doing: reading it as I do when you have some time to spare.
    So, how do you need to read it? You should be behind your computer with NAV2013 installed (preferably with a developer-license) and while reading it, you should dirty your hands following the books' hands-on project used to explain the various parts and also doing other experiments as they come to mind. If you are an experienced C/AL developer, you might also skip the books' hands-on project and definitely(!) do some experimenting when something comes to mind.

    Like I said, reading it in the way I do is not the best way, but still there are some things for me to learn (even with over 10 years of C/AL experience) and also some things I bookmarked because I like experimenting with new things!

    In short: A must for people who want to start programming in C/AL in NAV2013. But don't make the mistake to read the book as I do. You need to dirty your hands while reading it. And also don't think to finish it in a short time (even if you read it as I do)! And also a must for veteran C/AL programmers. You will definitely find something new to learn!