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  • Joe from LA - Great, especially for the price.Many reviewers have pointed out the pluses of this vacuum. I bought it today (not on Amazon) and am very happy with it, especially in comparison to the H Wind Tunnel that I have used for a couple of years, with probably hearing loss. The Shark is surprisingly quiet and works very well on carpet as well as wood floors.
  • Penny Lane "health seeker" - Review of The One-Minute CureHaving a history of cancer and arthritis in the family I was very curious as to what the One-Minute Cure was all about. It was written in a simple to understand format and very informative as to this possible alternative to healing disease. The facts presented peaked my interest enough to want to give this method a try as an alternative to drugs with dangerous side-effects. I have no expectations at this point other than an open mind and the hope of reaping some positive results.
  • Dale W. Mckinney "DWM" - great vacuumI borrowed my neighbors vacuum once and really...for as small as it is...its amazing! I live in a SMALL space and this is perfect. I DO NOT have pets but this vacuum advertises for the 'pet hair thing' frirends (that had this) had pets and it really works! THAT is why I got it! Its awesome!
  • N. Marcone "Book Buff" - IT's the Best!I have a small Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who runs away every chance he can. Two Christmases ago my daughter bought me the TAGG. I wasn't that impressed, but now, after using it, I love it.
    I don't know how I got along without it. If anything happened to it, I would not hesitate to purchase a new one. Another plus is the great customer service.
    I would give this a 5 star rating.
  • Daniel Darling "Christian pastor, author and ... - I'm hooked!My boss has been begging me to begin read these books, but I, due to the large stacks of books already decorating my nightstand, refused until she literally put At Home In Mitford on my desk with a (demand?) to read it. So, I shoved my other books aside and began. And, I'm hooked. Jan Karon writes in very careful, thoughtful style. There are no page-turning plots, just the everyday happenstance of big people in a little town. Mitford is not a perfect place, but it is a place that I wouldn't mind living. The goal of fiction is offer an escape by inviting a reader into a larger-than-life, idealistic, or fanatical world. Karon ushers helps us escape, but brings us to a world of everyday ups and downs and personalities and problems. She gives us a glimpse of people real thoughts and desires.I thoroughly enjoy these books. The writing is so profound, so rich. The characters so lifelike and flawed. The plots so slow, yet moving, subtle, yet lifelike. Many thanks to my persistent boss for shoving me into the wonderful world of Mitford. I now feel a kinships with Father Tim, Cynthia, Dooley, and the rest of the hilarious cast.