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  • James J. Wright - Right without Religion,,, AgainAnother masterful read from Sam. Six Stars.
    Common sense is the only core Harris needs to maintain his true science, in the ancient arts of religious dogma. And ecclesiastic man's sure lock and hold on justice, law, love and morality... With Gods permission and with God's real morality in the many unholy and unauthorized bibles -- Mr. Harris is always moral and the Old Nasty God of the mean old Bible without exception,,, always loses HIS morality.
    You must read your bible to see how easy it is to read this truthful book.
  • Matthew - Great product for the moneyFirst off, I never had really bad acne but it always seemed that I had a couple of zits at any given moment. I had used a prescription but that made my skin dry so I wanted to try something different.. That's when I decided to give Exposed skin care a try. I started off using it everyday and pretty much instantly I noticed my skin get clearer. One and a half years later, I still use it but now I probably only use it 3 or 4 times a week. My skin still looks great and it's the same price that I was spending for my prescription. I only use the basic kit and it works wonderful.
  • the Little Trouble - Excellent sound, but several possible improvementsStill very recommend, after 3 months experience
    Advantage( what you will have):
    # Perhaps the best sound( my ever heard) from an integrated airplay speaker, very Hi-Fi
    # On MAC OS, patch iTune( w/ Amarra + Airfoil) is helpful for further sound quality improvement

    Several possible improvements( hope some can be fixed in future firmware update):
    1. Wi-Fi is not smart enough to rebuild the connection for each failure, so requires a robust Wi-Fi for each smooth operation
    2. The LED indicator is located at the back of the master speaker, not easy for Wi-Fi status checking when necessary
    Perhaps a small mirror is helpful. It will be nice if this status LED can be shown at front or on dock also
    3. Not very green, poor power management when compare to other competitor
    Say Zeppelin air( when idle, enter Eco stand-by mode but still keep Wi-Fi alive, easy to saving electricity)
    4. The IR remote control has a very short range and limited angle, so you might still need to pick up your iOS device frequently

    For all, it's quite interesting for such an excellent acoustics from Philips. Turn over my previous image.