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  • Robin Lee - "Tis The Season"......The graphics are festive and beautiful for this time of year..It really brings out the warmth of the Christmas season...Back ground music is Silent Night and is very soothing..It has 20 levels and objects are well hidden as usual..But, that's the fun of it...Plenty of snowmen my favorite yet...
  • Shawn Smallwood "Shawn" - I did not profusely poop on myself idk why all you people did~I bought this product to test out on my supervisors at work in high hopes that they would eat it, and crap themselves. As a man with a conscience I had to test out this product first to see if it lived up to the reputation that others had perceived it to be. So I ate about 15 gummy bears…. and I did not all of the sudden become a born again Christian praising the toilet gods with my foul holy brown water. I had a regular typical day hahaha. So… to test this out even more I sat down with the huge bag, and munched away to my hearts content watching movies. Four hours later…I still haven't pooped myself. I must have the most amazing stomach ever, or everyone else should go see a doctor hahahahaha. I find this even more amusing because I am a health nut, and generally do not eat crap like this…as I said it was purchased to bring to work for the office for a****** to eat. I'm still going to bring it to work in high hopes that my supervisors will crap themselves, as their stomachs probably are not as amazing as mine!
  • Jim M. "pastor jim" - RADICAL - What should be the "norm" in the Christians life?As I started my read through "Radical," the one thing that concerned me was the author pastors a mega-church and is talking about Third World countries where Christians have to secretly meet in small gatherings. I wondered how he could relate to their situation.

    Chapter 1 - A great start to the book as David begins by dealing with the struggles to live as "Radical," and also gives examples of true life stories about how different Christianity is in other parts of the world. Stories he shares throughout the book are touching!

    Chapter 2 - An interesting thing I note in this chapter and throughout the book is how God is moving in other parts of the world in small "house churches." He deals with a different God-honoring mindset in believers in Third World Christianity.

    Chapter 3 - We are so prone (especially in America) to trust in our own power and not in the power of God, even though we mistakenly think we are trusting in God when we really are not!

    Chapter 4 - I love the way he emphasizes "World Missions." It is hard to read this book and still have the old excuse of "I'm not called to the mission field" or "my mission field is America.

    Chapter 5 - In this chapter, David deals with, "How do we make God's glory known in all nations?" He then shares on what discipleship looks like, and the theme continues throughout the book.

    Chapter 6 - What a great chapter on American wealth and world poverty! It seems the author struggles himself with where to draw that line on the acceptable lifestyle we can live with regard to American prosperity. He also discusses how our convictions vary in how to use our wealth for God's work.

    Chapter 7 - There is NO plan B!!! This chapter could stand alone as a booklet on why ALL need to come to God through Jesus Christ. He sums this up in seven vital truths. Great chapter!!!

    Chapter 8 - This chapter might cost you your life - See Matthew 10:39. In this chapter we learn that the Lord's will is not always safe, often He calls us to do dangerous things for Him. This chapter will also open your eyes to many wonderful truths in Matthew 10 that have otherwise been skimmed over or avoided. That is until now! Matthew 10 will forever be a part of me now.

    Chapter 9 - In this closing chapter, David suggests a one-year "experiment" for those who want to be a "radical Christian." While the 5 areas (steps) are good (very good) that David lays out, I look at them as a good "suggestions" for what to do now that you have read the book. After reading this book, the Lord may lead you to do these 5 steps or He may lead you differently (maybe even more radical).

    My closing words of the book, "Radical" is that even if only 1 percent of us who have read this book take it to heart and apply it to our lives, I believe we would have a different American church, and a better one at that! I still wonder if our overly large churches and our many expenses cut into our attempt to be "Radical" Christians.

    My conclusion in reading and reviewing this book is not to concern myself with David Platt or his church, but to hear the message for the truths it speaks to ME personally.

    I encourage all to read this book!

    "I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review."
  • ACMora333 - Great introductory book about patterns in nature.This book has the selling point of being about the mystery and anticipation of 2012, but its true value is the fact that it introduces readers to the world of fractals,or patterns in nature.

    Gregg Braden does a great job of presenting evidence of patterns in nature, something scientists denied for many years because it strongly suggested the existence of some kind of intelligence behind what was supposed to be the "accident of life". Regardless, he does well in making the case that time is also part of nature and therefore also cyclical, or has patterns.

    He uses great examples like the history of presidents assassinated in office, the Kennedy-Lincoln connection, which, not to give anything away, is way too eerily similar to be called a coincidence.

    He also talks about the Golden Ratio, phi, which mathematicians find when measuring the actual patterns in nature.

    After reading this book I became obsessed with the topic of fractals. Great book. The author does a great job of simplifying what I thought was going to be a very complicated subject. Once you learn about the topic of fractals you will never look at the world the same way again.