Grand Mercure Allegra - Torquay - Location. Near the airport, Grand Mercure Allegra is located in Torquay's Hervey Bay neighborhood and close to Hervey Bay Botanic Garden, Reefworld Aquarium, and Hervey Bay Historical Village Museum. Additional points of interest include WetSide Water

Country: Oceania, AU, Australia

City: Balaclava, Victoria

  • Michael M. Turkel - How to Make Fizzier-Than-Store-Bought Seltzer (Shaken, not Stirred)Let me begin by saying that I was not satisfied with the first liter of seltzer I made with the Fountain Jet. Having owned home seltzer makers before, most notably the ISI soda siphon, I chilled my water to just above freezing, pumped in the carbon dioxide, and drank. The fizz far surpassed the siphon, but it couldn't compare with the seltzer I bought in the store.

    Luckily, I was struck by an idea. Why not shake the fountain jet? In the siphon, the seltzer benefits immensely from being shaken (the surface area between the carbon dioxide and the water is increased). So, I picked up the entire machine, held the bottle firmly in place (a very important step otherwise you will lose all the pressure), and shook like crazy. After shaking, I pumped in more carbon dioxide, and shook again. I did this a few times. The seltzer came out fizzy enough to burn the back of my throat. Need I say more?
  • Don Alan Uhrig - Flawless, does all I need and moreAlthough I could, I will not be writing a long technical review. Others have done that, and I have read all the pros and cons.

    Short story: The Asus Transformer Prime has been in my hands for two weeks now and has performed flawlessly. Not a single program has crashed. I have not had any forced closures. I have not had to reboot my tablet. (Makes me wonder what these other people are doing.)

    The tablet is beautiful and perfect. I like how easy it is to get to settings when, for example, I need to add a wi-fi location. One or two taps is all it takes to get to the most frequently used settings or applications.

    The tablet runs nearly every app that I had on my Android phone. What doesn't run is accessable via web browser - and actually using my banking in the web browser gives me access to ALL features whereas the bank app did not.

    One concern some might have with a tablet is some things only work when you are connected to the internet. I have no concerns about wi-fi access, because my android phone can be turned into a hotspot (yes, slower than broadband, but it does work).

    Only once have I run the battery down to 20% and that was during my longest day on my college campus - Thursdays - and I was showing off the screen by running in Super ISP mode quite a bit, and watched a movie. I actually didn't realize the 20% till I got home. I did have the keyboard/dock with me so could have easily added up to 8 hours of life.

    Maybe I will write more on this, but for now, I am AMAZINGLY happy with my purchase.
  • materialgirl "a do it diva" - not number was in there - twiceI thought I would buy this book to get a different number because I see my number on everything these days; on commercials, billboards, even sports jerseys and tattoos. What a surprise - my number was listed in this book...not once, but TWICE - and on the same page as my number! The only reason I give this book 5 stars is because I'm in it...twice.
  • Phil Jay - Death By Chilli Sauce - Richard GermainI present weekly radio programmes from the UK for ex-pat listeners in the ArabianGulf States. They all read much more than us here in the UK because they have more free time. For my show LONDON LINE I read DEATH BY CHILLI SAUCE by Richard Germain. I quite often review books andtend to just skip through them so that I have enough information for my interview. With Richard Germain's book I found I just could not put it down, and since I tend to read before goingto sleep at night, gave me quite a few short nights.I totally enjoyed it.Richard must have spent many hours checking his facts and researching. I look forward very much tohis follow-up. PHIL JAY
  • J.M. Romero - Nothing else works for me.I spent a lot of time trying to get a certain look, which is hard to describe, out of digital art programs. I purchased Corel Painter 11, which has its uses (few, in my world), but I am NOT a computer techie, so many of the nuances of Painter made me want to scream. I still haven't made peace with that program; the term "buyer's remorse" keeps fighting its way to the front of my mind.
    Not so with Sketchbook Pro. After a couple of days of fooling around with it, and watching a few tutorials on YouTube, I managed to very easily dial right in. I haven't had as much FUN with art in years---almost like discovering a new set of superpowers! In the past, I would have to draw a picture with a brush on bristol board, scan it, then add color using Painter, which never looked "right" to me. Since Sketchbook is so intuitive and easy to manage, I can do pencil, inking and coloring very quickly, and all the art looks integrated, so close to traditional media that the differences aren't worth mentioning. Fantastic software. I recommend it highly, and it's inexpensive...a rather nice bonus.
    You really ought to have a Wacom-type tablet to wring the most out of this program, so get that, too.
    You'll be glad you did.