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  • SMXSteve - Makes awesome sound from otherwise bland TV!This is really awesome! If you know Bose you can't go wrong. If you have never heard Bose before you are missing out.

    The Solo TV sound system has a bit larger footprint than I expected (20 x 12 x 3) but it is a cool looking system; all black with subtle curves and weighs just 10 lbs. It is sturdy enough to actually sit the TV on it (up to 40 lbs, see manual for exact size and position). It comes with a power cord, analog and optical cables and remote.

    While it does not come with a coaxial cable (it does for Europe per the manual) I used the analog cable to hook it up to the coaxial on our inexpensive 20 inch TV and it sounds great! I also tried the optical on our cable device and it also sounds great. The manual lists optical as better then coaxial but you'll find many people argue that and personally I can't tell much difference if any. They both sound great to me over the built in speakers on any TV. You will want to mute the internal speakers of your TV - they'll only be in the way.

    If you have music channels it also serves as a great sounding music player. I've been listening to music as I write this and it sounds so good - wow!

    The remote is simple with On/Off, volume and mute controls but has the Bose quality look and fits perfectly in your hand

    The Bose Solo TV sound system will enhance the sound of any TV. It is very easy to setup, has a great footprint, lightweight and only requires the power and audio cables. But most important it greatly enhances that bland sound coming from your TV!
  • Lynne H. Schultz - Everyone should read this book!Sam Harris convincingly debunks both the religious view of morality as God's rule-book and the moral relativist view that says there is no right and wrong. If leading a moral life does not mean promoting human well-being, then what good is it? And if the science of medicine can measure our physical well-being (health), then why can't science (including psychology and neurology, maybe others) measure our well being in general?

    Numerous scientific studies have already told us about all the negative consequences of child abuse. How is that different from saying that child abuse is morally wrong? If morality = human wellbeing, then there is NO difference! Likewise, the scientific consensus is that spanking does not work in the long run and is a detriment to a child's wellbeing in a number of ways. So there, I just used science to show that spanking your kids is wrong.

    Moral relativism simply can't work. It undermines all of our efforts at establishing universal human rights norms, for one thing. If morals are relative, it makes no sense to punish genocide, torture or war crimes. But does anyone doubt that the world would be a much better place if there were no genocide, torture or war crimes (or war, for that matter)?

    The next step is to collect all the studies that might be relevant to moral questions in one place in order to answer them, which is a project I'll be working on shortly.
  • david j gibson - Norton antivirus is my favorite antivirus softwareI've used Norton Antivirus since it's inception for Windows going way back. 8 or 9 years ago I stopped using Norton because it had become slow, the interface was complicated, etc., etc., etc., I tried other antivirus products for a couple years - one stopped working completely and gave me error messages that were unfixable. Another was a product made in the Soviet Union (what a nice secure place that is).

    Anyhoo, I built a new computer for a friend 5 years ago and he insisted on Norton Antivirus. To my surprise Norton had cleaned up their act considerably so I went back to Norton. I liked what I saw.

    There is no question Norton Antivirus is the very best software out there for Windows computers. It's non-intrusive (operates quietly), very fast (doing complete system scans or otherwise), and reliable to the umph degree. I'd give it 6 stars if I could.
  • Lindstrom Morten - Great service!I had to revise my review, - After first getting a damaged product which I gave a 1 star product review, I thought all hope was lost, - but the seller reached out to me and made sure to fix the situation promptly.

    For excellent Service and support, I give seller a full score !

    Thank you for all help kdLinks!