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  • Gabriella Amadori Houghton - gregg braden should write science fiction, he is a fraudagain gregg braden is making a lot of money selling crap.
    he is not a scientist, but rather a technologist. his theories are all scientifically wrong. scientists don't even bother with him .They work their butts off trying to get to the truth of things, and then this clown grasps a little tiny bit of what they say and goes on to write his fiction.
    Russian scientists found out that the DNA molecule is magnetic, and this clown tells us that we can perform miracles becuase of that!!! like Jesus.yah! right It is like telling us that we can cure people holding a magnet in our hands. Gregg it it is high time that you stop the crap coming out of your head!!! and leave us alone
  • rabbitruck "Matt" - Great stuff!This saved me a TON of money! My grandma had this huge tumor on the right side of her head. The doctors wanted an insane amount of money to treat it. I bought some of this stuff, made it into a paste with a little water, and rubbed it into the tumor area for a few months. The thing withered and fell off! Fantastic. I only used about half of the tin, too, goes a long way. I gave the rest to neighborhood kids that came by for trick-or-treat. Forget your oncologist...pick up some of this and you should be good to go.
  • TERRIC - QUICKBOOKS PRO 2012This is my 3rd quickbooks pro. I had previous versions but because Quickbooks was not going to support the version that I had, I had to upgrade. It was very easy to install and the old files transferred easily. I have 20 years of files on this software. If there was one thing I could recommend for Intuit, the makers of Quickbooks, would be to have a way to divide the years up (like the old Quicken used to be). otherwise the files are extremely long. The program itself is very easy to use and I would continue to use this program indefinitely.

    Another plus with Amazon is that the item was almost $100 less than getting it directly from Intuit.
  • John Jorgensen - Gets the Job DoneMcAfee Internet Security does a fine job of protecting my computer from online threats. It prompts me for permission before opening an online file, blocks redirects to harmful sites, and asks my permission before permitting any program other than Internet Explorer to go online. I can adjust security settings so that any one program which needs to use the Internet frequently will be permitted to so without the prompt, but with what I use the computer I installed the program on for, it's really not necessary.)

    So it does the job it's intended to do and does it to my satisfaction. I also appreciate how unobtrusive it is: It's always running some background scan or other, which I can observe whenever needed, but it doesn't bother me with requests for action when I'm trying to do something else or clammer for me to install some update when I first log on. Highly recommended.
  • Carroll C - Does the JobWillMaker Plus is easy to use and guides you through your documents with interview questions that it saves and places in the approproiate blanks. I figure that attorneys must use similar software. You know they don't do each one from scratch as if they never prepared such a document before. Local probate officials here in SC won't say much if you ask whether a will made with purchased softeware is acceptable. But the answer I got told me enough - "You can use the software or you can use an attorney." With that, I bought the software and am glad I did.