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  • Goutham Mukkapati - An incredible system with more potential to come in the futureThe system is very nice! The UI is intuitive and incredibly easy to use. Its fluid and very fast. Its a MAJOR improvement on the XMB on the PS3. The game loads instantly and the mandatory download for a disc takes just a minute to install so you will be playing the game before you know it. I still notice some responsive delay on the store though but this could be fixed with an update. The video apps works really well although the keyboard on the apps (such as Amazon Instant) can be difficult to use. The system does make some noise upon start up but within 1 minute, quiets down and you won't hear a thing. The standby mode is well done as the controllers can be charged even though the system isn't on.
  • Tana - Excellent!With so many pharmaceutical products having similar names this book helps me to narrow down the correct drug with the correct disease. I like this book.
  • H. Heather - Easy setupI only just purchased my AeroGarden, so I have nothing to harvest just yet, but I wanted to comment on the high quality of the package, and the ease of setup. I was very pleasantly surprised. The instruction manual was clearly written and diagrammed. You simply screw in the light bulbs, attach the light to the base, add water, drop the seed packets into their slots (clearly marked), cover them, plug it in, drop in a couple of tablets and you're good to go.

    The salad greens seed kit was included in the package, but I started with the herbs, which I ordered separately. Apparently there are additional seed packets under development. Also, the grow light is indeed very, very bright but it's easy to program for nighttime shut-off.
  • Ruthy - Does the job!Arrived on time, and was packaged perfectly. When i first saw it, I thought it looked cheap. Like the plastic looked like it was made of some cheap material. BUT, once you put it on you Pro, it's almost impossible to differentiate between this cover and the ones you get at the apple store. It fit the macbook perfectly, was easy to remove and clean. The only issue i had was with the screen protector. I wish they had plastic tabs on all 4 sides (to pull the cover off)-- that would have made application easier, considering this is a much bigger screen and not a small smartphone.