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Country: North America, CA, Canada

City: Montreal, Quebec

  • E. Hunt - Much more effective than plutonim time machines!When I finally finished and successfully tested my first plutonium powered Dolorean time machine, I was a bit miffed by the fact that I had to accelerate all the way up to 88 mph before the flux capacitor would be able to kick in and send me into the great beyond. This is quite a pain when you live in the city and have to drive all the way to places like closed shopping malls, drive-in theatres, abandoned highways, and rail road tracks to get up to that kind of speed. Once I heard that Amazon was finally selling U-238 legally, I quickly purchased some and used the instruction booklet (included at no extra charge) to enrich it and build myself a uranium powered reactor which I then installed in my time machine. On the first test run, the flux capacitor jumped into full gear at only 37 mph! Now I can go time travelling on my own street and not worry about the commute.

    Thank you, Amazon for selling this fantastic and incredibly useful product! I'm sure that with careful marketing, in five years no American home will be without it.
  • dieselgeek - Dry Dry DryI don't know how but this stuff works. I have been applying it Sunday nights before bed and it keeps me dry all week. I have used prescription products before with a lot of pain and itching and they didn't work that well. This product is pain free and works so well. I swear by this product.
  • Mark Walton - The Right ColorI'm very pleased with my binder. And don't worry; these come in white only. This is how it should be. Someone in the company had asked about including black ones, but I made sure he got promptly fired and then deported. There is going to be a vote to include yellow binders, but my husband is taking care of suppressing the unwanted votes, so all is OK with this company. Husbands and wives, bosses and servants, this binder works!
  • Nikki D. Amaker "iRun4Bliss" - Simple and Very Motivational!I found out about the log from a fellow runner and decided to purchase one for myself. I use various electronic sources to keep track of mileage, race reports, etc. and have a plain monthly calendar to jot down race dates, but I didn't have anything to write short specifics for the day. This is perfect for me! Just like another reviewer posted, it provides just enough space to say what you need thereby making it easy to keep up with daily. I'm not much of a written journal/diary person.

    I also appreciate the inspirational quotes, tips, etc. on the pages. I think this will be something that I will purchase each new year.
  • M. Boan - Racial Opportunists Exposed.This book is about race and how that issue is demagogued for political gain. The book is well researched and uses historical events and recent history to prove it's points. These events can be easily researched. Because the book doesn't rely on emotion and outrage and actually uses facts it probably isn't for every political preference.

    Save the outrage and take a real look at racial opportunists and how they operate.