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  • Kittyintraining - Best Advice EverI've read "He's just not that in to you","Think like a man" and "Manology"by Tyrese and Rev Run, I have to say I absolutely loved this book. I saw clear signs of where I was going wrong in my relationships. I have to say I was in denial about a lot. Thanks Kara for taking my blinders off! Ultimately this info is empowering as well as life changing. Think about it if every woman used this advice we would have less dead beat dads n losers in this world as well as orphan children n unplanned children. We really could "Rule the World." They would be more gentleman and more appreciation for women. I advise every woman to read this book. I dont have any children but I will definitely be passing this info on to my daughters.
  • Stephen Schwartz-Fenwick - Great product & IT WORKS!I have IBS and had noticed a decrease in regularity over the past 4-6 months. I would not have a bowel movement for a day, then the next morning I would sit down and huge nasty mess would come out. Also, I would have really stinky gas during the day too. It seems like there are two kinds of probiotics out there. The cheap kind is where you get like 400 pills for $30. The expensive kind is where you get 30 pills for $30. It seems like there is no in between, so I thought there must be something about these expensive ones that is better. I looked around for reviews of the expensive ones on amazon and settled on align, partly because it's friendliness to lactose intolerance (which I have). I have been soooooo impressed. The first 2 weeks there was no improvement, but it seemed like after the 3rd or 4th week on it, BAM, I was all better! Regular, well-formed bowel movements that I was used too. It's great. I like the packaging too and that they don't need to be refrigerated. I have been taking them for 2 months now and have had continued good results. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!
  • ProperGander News (Dr. Emil Shuffhausen) - Ann triumphs again! Conservatives, stand up and be counted!Ann Coulter is unapologetically conservative, but she leavens her punditry with considerable humor and wit. As with her previous three books, Coulter bravely tackles the hydra-headed monster of Liberalism. She is fearless, but not reckless, and her arrows are well-aimed, deflating the self-important, self-indulgent, self-righteous arguments of Liberal blowhards. Coulter can be sharp and sarcastic, but she is not hateful. Aldous Huxley once wrote, "You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you mad." This is the effect that Ann has on many Liberals--her sound logic and good-natured ribbing often send Liberals into fits of seething, unreasonable rage. But her courage ought to hearten Conservatives, who often prefer to be demure and polite when it comes to political's time for the voices of the silent majority to be heard. Ann provides potent ammunition--and good-humored comfort--to any Conservative who is ready to join the fray.