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  • Curiousgrandpa - Solid programI had used this all the time I used Windows based PC and found Pages to be hard to get used to so downloaded this. Just a good program to have if you like to write a lot of letters. The only glitch I found is I could not find a way to purchase an upgrade to install Outlook, but I went with Postbox instead and it works well.
  • Marina Felix "M. Felix" - It is working!Had back pain for many years. Tried the traditional western medicine for it (does not work), acupuncture (works if the practitioner is good, but the pain comes back several months later) and chiropractors (the pain still comes back). Now I am just on lesson 3 of this book, and I think it is actually working! One conclusion so far - you have to be really consistent in implementing the author's recommendations. But it doesn't take any extra time to do what she recommends , so it's just the matter of remembering it (and if you have a bad back pain, that part should be easy :))
  • Joel C. Walker "WhoDoctorK9" - Excellent operating system with a few minor drawbacks.Pros: It works. I am running Win 8 Pro 64 and haven't had any trouble with it at all. It loaded quickly and setup everything in my system without me having to install a single driver. Runs just as fast as Win 7 64, maybe faster. All the programs I had running under Win 7 64 are running just fine under Win 8 64. No issues with it running and having other programs running on it. This feels like a very stable operating system just like Win 7 was.

    Cons: Just like everyone else has already pointed out, the TILES are a bit of a nuisance and making it more responsive to touch screens makes it so much more of a pain for desktop computer fans. Almost to the point of wanting to go back to Win 7 or Linux. I did find a free program that brings the classic desktop back to the desktop's called Ivosoft Classic Shell. It really makes Win 8 a lot more manageable. It also preserves the Win 8 tiles menu so you can still use those if needed.

    Overall: I don't think it's a necessary upgrade to anyone who is happy with Win 7 currently. There's really nothing BIG extra or different in Win 8 to make it a HAVE TO purchase. I did purchase it through Amazon because I had been using the beta versions a little and was impressed with how it performed. There's nothing that is being complained about that doesn't already have a work around. I think that most of the people that are complaining about Win 8 haven't really used it or refused to look for what they would need to make it what they want. If you have ever used an android phone or tablet, you know that there are several downloads to change the way that android works and looks and have probably downloaded a few...same thing here...just download what you want your system to look or act like and it will. Very customizable for those that want to look for it.
  • John Koeller "John K" - Helps me get things right...I've been using QuickBooks Pro for my small business for a few years and frankly I don't know how I ever lived without it. It reduces the amount of time I spend on accounting to a minimum, helps me pay my employees on time and does a most of the things I used to pay my accountant thousands a year to do.

    Quickbooks gives me piece of mind by letting me see my business from every point of view, from the big picture to the finest details. And it's easy.
  • MissyRN - No sweatingI have been looking for products to decrease sweating and odor under my arms and I have found nothing. I read the reviews here on Amazon and thought I'd give it a try. I applied the product the first night and it was stinging like crazy for about 30 min. I went to bed and woke up with my armpits a little sticky and thought this does not work so I showered and applied my usual deodorant. Hours later still dry, next day dry also and no odor. I have been using it for two weeks so far and I am very pleased. I have had little to no sweating and will continue to use. The product is much cheaper at Walmart so I will buy it there next time.