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  • F. Huffman - Beautiful BookI love Wilton books they are always so attractive and enjoyable to browse through. I do believe over the years they have reduced the contents so you don't get to see as many examples of lovely cakes as the first books I bought back in the 70's. Still I have learned so much about cake decorating from them.
  • Kimberly Lang - awesome transactiongreat product, exactly as ordered...will help my son prepare for the pre pharmacy exam...Kaplan has great products that help you prepare for your exam
  • Sunshine635 - SweatblockWe bought sweatblock for my 16 yo son. He has used every week for 16 weeks and really has seen great results. He is no longer ruining all his t-shirts or having to change two to three times per day. It really has helped reduce the amount of sweat. The longer we use the better the results are. There is no build up or residue. We love it and would recommend it to anyone.
  • jessica m desteno - I love WenI like the product because it cleaned my hair really well and conditioned it all in one shot.
    My hair looked really healthy just after the first two washings. And was very managable.
    I will continue using this product. In the past I have used Aussie shampoo and various conditioners.
    It was not hard to get used to not having any suds.

    Wen Cleansing Conditioner
  • Life Learner "Absorber Of Books" - The Most Important Book For Men Who Interact With WomenThis is the Manosphere condensed into one volume. This is the most important reading for men who interact with women at any level. This explains *everything* of importance about them. If you have not read this book, you are not getting as much Cooperation as you could and are putting yourself and your future in imminent danger as you are ignorant how attraction really works. Women should read this book and give it to their male family members to help them stay out of divorce court. This book should be re-read every 3 months. Rating: 9.9875 of 10.