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  • D. Cote - Bare Minerals ProductsI have been watching these TV commercials since they began and always wanted to try the products. I saw them at Amazon and decided to give them a try. What a wonderful set of cosmetics for several reasons. First, they are easy and quickly applied,taking less than five minutes. Secondly,they give you a natural, sheer appearance-not a liquid foundation look. Lastly, they make you look amazing and refreshed! People keep telling me that I look great. Well worth the price! I'm extremely pleased with this product line.
  • Jennifer D Thomas - Refreshing ;)So a friend recommended this product to me. It was not available in my local drug store, but no need to worry because Amazon has everything.

    I have never used a intimate "refresh" product like this before. The gel applicators were easy to use and the instructions were clear. Each applicator came individually wrapped.

    After using the product, I did feel refreshed and clean. I am happy with the outcome. I would order it again.
  • Emily Carter - Great price.Cheaper than Microsoft price and works like a charm. Some of the new features of Windows 8 seem to work better if you have a touch screen, but it is absolutely usable with a mouse and keyboard. The new "start button" is a little weird, and doesn't flow well with the desktop, but if you're planning to upgrade, buy it from Amazon! With the Microsoft download you don't get copies of the CDs and it costs more.

    Side note - There are two installation discs inside - 32 bit and 64 bit - make sure you know which one your computer uses before you install. :) (I'm pretty sure most computers these days are 64 bit, but if you have an older computer make sure you double check.)
  • wonder.woman_1970 - So happy I found Align!!!I have had constipation problems most of my adult life. I drink plenty of water daily and eat plenty of fiber. I started taking additional magnesium which I heard can help with constipation. None of these things helped me. I was going DAYS without a bowel movement and feeling pretty horrible.

    I bought Align almost a week ago and I am happy to report that I have been regular every single day so far---sometimes multiple times a day. For me, Align is a blessing and has made me feel normal again.