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  • T. Rutledge "tpr6576" - Absolutely worth the money to buy the remasterI have always thought this is a great album. As for the remaster, to my ears, it is the best that I have heard so far of the Pink Floyd remasters. I've owned this on LP, as well as the original Columbia late-80's "silver" disc and the circa-2000 remaster. Listening to the 2011 remaster, there are details about the songs on this album that I never heard before. It's the small details that stand out, the drums sounding more powerful, the man whistling for the dog on "Dogs", little things your ears probably never picked up on prior editions. Well worth the money.
  • Jeff - Convenient way to benefit from probioticSept 2012 - I used to eat Activia every morning to keep away gastro discomfort. It worked well, but I just got tired of eating it and it wasn't a solution that worked when I was travelling on biz. I tried a 30 day bottle from a local drug store, it worked at least as well as the yogurt, if not better. Buying online now at a much better price.

    Update Aug 2013 - been taking these for over a year now. They really do help level out my system. Cheap and easy step towards good gastro health.
  • darlinggayle "gayle" - NOTHING WORKS LIKE NORTONYes, there are free windows sites you can go to that SAY they can and will protect your computer, but NOTHING works like NORTON. I have actually purchsed other products that "claim" that they can do what Norton does, but they cannot. Norton will actually WARN you if the site you are about to go on is dangerous for your computer. Norton runs it's own scans constantly, so you do NOTHING, but sit back, relax, and know that your computer is safe. Well worth the money, and if you are looking for Norton now, there is no place like Amazon to purchase it. You will find sellers with the lowest prices. I have purchased Norton two times now, for years 2010 and 2011, and will only look on Amazon when it is time for another one. A great product at a great price with the right seller.
    Gayle Flores
  • John Wildanger - A Great CDI was wary of this CD as Roger Waters was not part of it.

    However, I think this is a great CD. The music is interesting and its haunting nature is a throwback to the Echoes era.

    The Wall and Animals have an anger in them that I don't enjoy listening to. So I figured Wish You Were Here would be the last Pink Floyd CD I'd like. I was pleasantly wrong.