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  • M. Nichols - Important in regards to release date...Per asus as of 1/3/12, the first, yes the first batch of units is set to ship the first week of february. the december release date was postponed due to wifi issues. the professional reviews of this product have been stellar but as none have been sold yet again according to asus pre-order dept. it amazes me to see how many fictional reviews are up. maybe some just confuse the earlier model by a similar name. nonetheless there are none to be had for at least another four more weeks. you can confirm this by contacting asus directly via their website contact page.
  • NuJoi "Create with me" - Why Didn't Someone Think of This Sooner??!!I love this product -- no dirt, no bugs and no chance of over-watering! This is very easy to assemble and easy to use. Just add water and a couple of nutrient tablets every two weeks. There's even a light that tells you when you need to do this.

    I planted my Gourmet Herbs on June 15 and I was ready to harvest the basil before the fourth of July! If you follow the instructions, there's no way to mess this up. The herbs lasted about six months. My only caution is (and this is noted in the instruction booklet) that the lamps are on about 16 hours a day and they are bright at night. I can close off the bedrooms, so it doesn't bother me.

    I highly recommend this product to anyone one who has tried to grow herbs indoors in the past. Aerogarden's customer service team is the best -- they know their stuff and are vary helpful. I had a problem with one of the herb kits and they have really worked to fix the problem.

    Update: I read another reviewer's note about installing a new pump. I had a seed pod that never sprouted and after being shipped a replacement pod that also didn't work, Aerogarden sent me a new pump. I installed it last night with a new kit. The instructions were clear and it was pretty easy to do. I liked doing it myself in five minutes instead of sending the unit somewhere to be repaired. It still was an inconvenience, but my positive experiences with the product far outweigh the annoyance of the installation.

    My first kit was the gourmet herb and as noted above, I had problems with the cilantro. I have since replanted my garden by mixing the French, Itallian and new Gourmet Herb kits and they've worked beautifully,especially the cilantro. The new pump has made all the difference. My oregano is even more hearty this time around. With the mew pump, all of my herbs are doing better. After almost two months of growth, the thyme appears to be the least robust of the bunch, but still has a good yield. It's in a back corner spot.
  • Larry Hoffman - A monumental achievement!.This is an amazing book, revealing the atrocities and official criminality of the US War OF Terror. At times I found the book difficult to read because of the barbarity and horror it portrayed, but I persisted and now understand thenarrow, ossified official American mindset much more clearly but with much greater disdain.

    The American attitude that time zero was 9/11 is the underlying assumption used by the US administration in justifying their endless assault on anyone they don't like, ie the Global War of Terror, totally ignoring that 9/11 itself was a product of US interference in the affairs of many nations who previously had no quarrel with the US. I was particularly impressed with Scahill's presentation of the pathetic justification given by the administrations prosecution of this "war" by: targeted assassinations, murder of its own citizens without any judicial process, torture, disrespect for the sovereignty of other countries, ignoring of international laws and norms, spying on the lives of private citizens, curtailment of domestic civil liberties, secrecy, etc. It reminds me very much of a psychopathic axe- murderer's reasons that he must and does invent to justify his crimes.

    Scahill takes us through the days when Rummy, Scummy and Dummy dreamed up the nightmare GWOT, through the criminal intensification and extension by the Obama administration. He reveals the internal competition and antagonisms between the various military branches; the rise of JSOC; the hunt for and murder of bin Laden and Anwar al Awlaki; the grizzly, inept murder of Awlaki's innocent sixteen year old son; numerous barbaric hunt and kill adventures by both CIA and JSOC operatives, the rise of the drone war and its consequent innocent civilian toll all in the name of a nebulous war without borders, against an undefinable foe, with an undefined purpose or end goal, making it safely unendable.

    This is a book that every American concerned about the moral and political rot of their country and their own safety should read. Americans should know that their government is endangering their safety rather than protecting them. As Scahill points out, the multiplication factor inherent in each drone or cruise missile strike will ensure that the number of jihadists and terrorists will only increase exponentially. Meanwhile the disgust this pursuit generates in the rest of the world can only confine Americans to the status of international parihas.

    This is a powerful book of revelation.
  • Matt5527 - Dependable backup hard driveI have several of these external hard drives used as dedicated backup devices for several home computers. They have a dedicated 110V power plug and USB that connects to your computers. I use Acronis True Image 2010 on each computer and every now and then have to restore an image. Works as expected, no issues.