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  • C. Miller "IdoNotes" - Excellent ACT prep if used properlyOne of the key points to remember when getting this, or any ACT aid, is that it is not a two week study event. I coupled this book and cd with classroom time to get the best benefit. With that being said, the book and accompanying CD were incredible benefit.

    The book itself compares to other tutorials, walking the student through exercises, samples and explanations. The online test taking and interaction ability is where it shines. The concept videos were great and direct to give both my children taking the ACT a starting point for focus areas.

    The online sample exams started showing better performance after refreshing from the book and online centers in the areas that needed help. They took one single sample exam in the class and worked some sample problems each time, but this also allwed them to work as they needed, constantly during the weeks. It also allowed them to walk away when their eyes got fuzzy from a long day of school and jump right back in where they left off.

    I found them interacting online with peers, looking up more information to expand on areas and being able to ask questions and get them answered from Kaplan representatives.

    I look forward to giving the updates of this out to other family members that will have to face this in a few years.
  • brenda1162 - Problems seemed to subside after a couple of uses!My Husband Bought this for me after I told him my Doctor recommended it and I immediately tried it, after all I thought what Have I got to lose except the painful Bloating and gas I get whenever I eat foods(any foods affecting me). So I tried it and within a couple of days of taken it, I noticed a difference right away. Like the product says you will still feel a little bloated and some gas while your body gets used to it But that will subside. I had stomach problems for 4 years and my Nurse Practioner told me nothing was wrong until I had a ultrasound after 4 years of being in pain and found out I had a Moderate to severe problem with a Bowel Obstruction, But she never even recommended anything so I went to a specialist that found out my problems and recommended I take Align and so far it's worked great!! I highly recommend it to anyone with IBS
  • Professor Thomas R. W. Longstaff "Tom" - Buy Quicken from AmazonQuicken Deluxe 2011I have been using Quicken for many years and am very happy with it. I update to the new version every 3 years and find that important because the new features are helpful and having a relatively recent version is important for connection to financial institutions.

    Every time a new version comes out I get a disk from Quicken offering me a special deal to update to the new version at a discounted price. So far I have always found that I can order the same product new from Amazon (not an upgrade disk) and at a lower cost than Quicken's special discount for faithful customers. Buyer beware and buy this one from Amazon.
  • Debra - Unexpected results, but I'm buying another one !!!This thing is fantastic !!! As soon as I plugged it in, I noticed that the dog had started spinning in circles and seemed much happier. Unexpectedly, a tiny conveyor had appeared above the dog's bowl and kibble was flowing in from the closest ethernet jack, filling the dog's bowl continuously.

    Then while I was checking out the conveyer, I heard my husband scream in the bathroom. I ran in there to find him holding his head, screaming and crying. The ethernet jack in the bathroom was emitting some kind of "ray beam". Prying my husband's hands away from his head, I found that my formerly bald husband now more closely resembled George Clooney, with a lovely headful of thick hair. My husband's tears were happy tears.

    While all this was going on, we heard a loud noise in the garage and the car alarm started blaring. We ran to the garage to find that water was coming from a spare network jack in the garage, and the car was sparkling clean !!!

    As soon as I can save up another $10,000 (plus ($5.00 for shipping) I'm buying another one !!!